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Retro Interior Design

creating an adhd friendly home


a home for your adhd to thrive!

Do you find yourself foraging in your fridge for another girl dinner because your executive functioning is failing you again? 🍽️

Do you spend hours at your WFH office but are so easily distracted that you end up wasting your day? 😫

Do you keep struggling to complete even the most basic tasks and to-dos because of your energy levels?🪫


Do you feel overwhelmed finding or forgetting where items are in your home because your space looks like a tornado touched down? 🌪️

You're a 🌶️ neurospicy soul living in a neurotypical world, but when it comes to your space, your sanctuary for yourself, you need it to be more than just a home...​

You need to optimize it for your ADHD!!! ​ 🙌🏼 💫

In this **3 Part Workshop Series**, I am sharing ALL my EXCLUSIVE holistic design secrets that I use for my own ADHD home as well as for my neurospicy🌶️ design clients. 


Plus I share my professional home coaching methods on organization and habit building to transform 🦋 your day to day home life! You will learn exactly how to hack your home (for your specific ADHD struggles) so you can THRIVE in your space! 

Create a clear path 📍 towards organizing your home specifically for neurodivergent/ADHD brains. 

Access the secret codes and hidden levels 🎮 of your fabulous ADHD brain to get MORE sh*t done at home (and actually enjoy it)!

Develop the tricks to understanding your specific ADHD patterns 🧩 so you can work with your brain (rather than having it work against you).

Learn the holistic design principles towards creating a super supporting ADHD home that you and your brain are going to LOVE! 😍


In this live workshop series, you'll receive more than just education and information, but dozens of valuable resources and tools for your ADHD home journey and 1:1 coaching opportunities!! Plus you have access to the Live Workshop recordings so you can soak up the goodness a second time around. ⏯️

Ready to access your ADHD friendly home? Sign up today because spots are limited!! 

3 week course

$166 - Early Bird Tickets

$222 - Regular Price

psst...that's for all 3 workshops + bonus details!

Workshop dates 🗓️

Week 1 | May 14th | Organization

Week 2 | May 21st | Home Design

Week 3 | May 28th | Lifestyle 

recordings available to keep!


Easy Breezy Breakdown of how to creating an ADHD friendly home

3 part series to address ALL aspects of an ADHD home

Recordings available (if you miss a workshop or need a double take)

In depth education, resources, and lessons you get to KEEP

Weekly group container with hands on guidance 

Added 1:1 sessions for extra support

Normally a $500 value for ONLY $222!!!

your instructor

Marissa Lada

Marissa is a holistic designer and home coach with over 10+ years of education + experience working with interiors and spaces.  Understanding the impact and influence our homes have on our health, happiness, and energy, she incorporates a holistic lens to working with her clients.


Having ADHD herself, she understands ADHD on a personal level as well as a professional level, and has blended both into this workshop series to provide a holistic approach to creating an ADHD friendly home. 

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