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An ecospiritual life is a lifestyle that focuses on our inherit connection to nature. Returning to this deep bond to our earth, we can find purpose, fulfillment, peace and joy in our lives. Learn about the ways in which you can bring ecospirituality into your life through one of my many educational ebooks. 


{Witch}craft - A Modern Book of Spells

want to bring more magick into your life?

Are you a baby witch? Have you just come out of the broom closet but don't know where to begin on your journey of magick and mysticism? Do you consider yourself a witch but aren't into that 'eye of newt' spell work? Of course not....you're a modern witch! And every modern witch needs her book of spells.

EcoSpiritual Seasonal Living Books


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The season of summer brings passion, joy, and creativity. Connect to the energies of this season with fresh farm food, foraged herbal medicine, creative crafting, and fun ways to celebrate this sunny season.


The season of autumn brings change and transformation. Connect to the energies of this season with healthy harvest cooking, natural medicines, cozy crafts, and fun new ways to celebrate the season.


*Coming Soon*

Looking for more learning?

If you love learning and want to find more ways to bring an ecospiritual lifestyle and holistic approach to your home, then check out my course on Creating a Holistic Home!