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Fundamentals of Feng Shui

  • 5Weeks
  • 10Steps
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🪞 Your path to clarity and confidence in the realm of Feng Shui begins here with the Fundamentals of Feng Shui! 🌬️ This class series offers a fresh perspective on learning Feng Shui – one that is easy to understand and packed with practical applications that truly make sense. As an IFSG certified Feng Shui Consultant with over 5+ years of experience, I'll share professional knowledge that often remains hidden within the pages of books and blog posts. With my guidance, you'll not only understand Feng Shui but also apply it to your home and life, leading to better health, happiness, and overall wellbeing. 🎓 Here's What You'll Learn: 🌿 The History and Origins of Feng Shui: Discover the fascinating roots of this ancient art and how it has evolved over time. 🌊 The Principles of Feng Shui, including the Five Elements: Learn the fundamental principles that govern the flow of energy in your home. 🌆 How to Apply the Bagua Map to Your Home: Uncover the magic of this essential tool that will help you map out the energy within your living space. 🏠 Feng Shui Cures for Each Room: Tailor your Feng Shui knowledge to each room in your home for a harmonious living environment. 🪔 Feng Shui Fixes for Common Home Problems: Find solutions to common challenges that affect the energy in your home. 🌟 Feng Shui Tips for Everyday: Discover easy-to-implement tips that can transform your daily life. Unlock the secrets of energy flow, enhance your living space, and manifest your dreams!!!

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