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a cozy cabin inspired camper van conversion

camper van cozy cabin holistic home interior design.png

With campervans, RVs, and school buses being a alternative home choice for many people, it's still important that these spaces feel like home. The idea behind this 2004 Sprinter was to transform the interior into a cozy cabin on wheels. Natural cedar paneling and an all wood interior bring that rustic warm feeling into a small space giving it a comforting feeling.

Salvaging and repurposing materials that were original to the once painter's van, a custom kitchen cabinetry was built to bring even more charm and character to this cozy cabin look. 

summer solstice camper van interior decor feng shui.JPG

Function was just as important as design to make this small 68sf space feel like home. Fitting all of what you do in a home was a challenge, but creative problem solving and savvy storage solutions were key. To keep the kitchen feeling clean and tidy, the cooking source is kept below the counter, hidden under a flip up countertop. The hidden stovetop isn't the only flip top feature in this van. A galley style kitchen turns into an L-shaped one thanks to a flip down counter that connects the kitchen to the sink. 

Since storage is sacred in a van, both open and closed storage options are used in the space to maximize on fitting everything one needs into such a small space. This includes another special design feature, a set of floating masons jars to store bulk dry goods for a functional bit of decor. Mixed with wall hooks for cups, an herbal apothecary hutch, and a built-in snake tank, there's a witch on wheels vibe to this van as well.

Photography @ Tina Witherspoon

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