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Holistic Homestead
Beginner Course

Herbal Treatment

Time to Enjoy a Holistic Life

Are you fed up with food that is more fake than real? Medications that have more side effects than benefits? Spending $$$ on good quality food? Being dependent on corporations that care more about profit than health?

Yea, me too. That's why I created something that helps people break out of the Matrix to reconnect to their health, happiness, and empowerment.

It's The Holistic Homestead Beginner's Course, your introductory guide to Homesteading and Holistic Living.

Even in your apartment!

If you are interested in learning survival skills, saving some money, and bettering your health, happiness and connection to this earth, then keep reading or....

What can Homesteading
do for you?

Don't you hate going to the grocery store? Self-sufficiency is sexy. Gain the skills and tools to learn to live off the land, better your survival, and provide you with a feeling of empowerment knowing you can be less dependent on outside resources.

It's not business, it's burglary that a jar of organic applesauce costs what it does. With food and pharmacy prices going up and up, save some serious money through homesteading. Grow your own food, make your own medicine, and save your money where it counts.

Imagine a slower life. One that brings a sense of calmness and relaxation. Going back to the roots of holistic living, homesteading provides you with a better way of life. Find peace, connection, and joy through this simple and sustainable way of being.

Most food on today's grocery shelves is not actual food. Pesticides, chemicals, and over-processed ingredients have serious implications on your health. Homesteading, you can live healthier knowing exactly where your food comes from.

How do I start to Homestead?

Homesteading is more than just having a garden or a chicken coop. It's a way of life. Since there are so many aspects of homesteading, it can be overwhelming when you're first starting out. That's why I've put together an introductory course on the basics of homesteading so you can gain clarity and understanding on where to begin.

the details
  • 7 part series of pre-recorded slides covering the basics of homesteading

  • modules can be done individual or as a complete homestead package

  • educational material to understand and learn the basic methods of ways to homestead

  • learn to homestead anywhere and in any home, even apartments

  • recipes to know for homestead living

  • additional resources and information to continue your homestead journey

Return back to your Roots

Are you ready to reconnect back to nature and find peace, happiness, and empowerment in your day to day life?

Homesteading is a holistic way of living that is full of all types of benefits. From instilling more connection to saving money and the planet, there are so many reasons to start incorporating more homesteading to your life.

If you're ready to embark on this fun and rewarding journey, then keep reading or...

Organic Vegetables

The topics covered...

green magick

A part of living more holistically is the energetics behind connecting more to nature. Find out how to incorporate seasonal living, work with the energies of plants, and the cycles of nature, to bring more balance and harmony into your life.


Did you know there is an abundance of food right in your backyard? Want to know what you can find on your next walk in the woods and turn into a delicious delicacy? Learn about some common and easy to identify plants that you can find scattered throughout North America.


Want Farmer's Market produce without paying the price? Grow your own! It's easier than you think. Learn the essentials to starting a garden, such as composting, when to plant your vegetables, and what type of garden is best for you.

Food Processing

Sick of paying too much for good quality food? Learn how to make your own! There are a variety of ways you can turn your harvest into magickal meals for now or late. Explore the ways to process and preserve your food so you can enjoy the goodness all year round.

Natural Medicine

Sick of medications that have more side effects than benefits? Nature itself is the best physician. Let the earth heal you and learn about common types of plants, their health benefits, as well as how to make your own natural remedies. 

Are you Ready?

You don't have to keep debating between saving money and eating healthier. You don't have to feel frustrated with basic necessities like food and medicine. Stop waiting for the government to change and make these changes yourself. Begin your journey of homesteading today!

What are you waiting for? A zombie apocalypse? Another pandemic? Start gaining the tools and growing the skillset to survive and thrive by living off the land.

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