Hello Austin + San Antonio

Wow Texas, you're blooming! With all the growth and exciting new changes these cities are making, don't you want a fresh new feeling for your home to match these energies?


Tailored to You

Going places + Growing spaces

Traveling to new cities, I love being able to offer those interested in interior design, feng shui + holistic homes in-person and in home opportunities to work with me! 

Currently I'm in the San Antonio and Austin areas and have extended my home help work to be a little more personal and extra special for those living here.

Your Holistic Home Helper,


Enjoy the Everyday

There is so much that goes into a home. Just think about yours! All the functions and activities you need your home to support you in: working from home, cooking, sleeping, doing laundry. Not only should your home serve you for your lifestyle, but you want to ENJOY these moments as well. Afterall, it's these tiny magickal moments that lead to a more fulfilled, happy, and peaceful life. Wouldn't it be nice to have a home that you feel good in, making the everyday experiences a little more extra?

holistic home living room design designer interior

Love your Home

And love your life

Stop existing in your home and start experiencing all of the joys and ways your home can help you in living your best life possible! 

I'm Ready!
holistic home living room design designer interior