Design Services to Fit your Needs and Budget

There is a misconception that only the rich and wealthy can afford design. I believe that everyone deserves a space that makes them happy and healthy. That's why I offer a variety of packages to educate, enhance, and empower you on your path of a holistic home. 

Have a home project in mind? Aside from packaged offerings, I provide numerous services that can be tailored to your specific goals and desires for your space.

Initial Interior Design Consultation

Need help on your design project? Not sure where to begin? Schedule a personal design consultation to get you started. Whether it is running through your ideas or getting a budget in mind, I'll help you navigate your next home project.

  • Design Questionnaire 

  • Walk through of your space

  • Curated list of design goals and dreams

  • Understanding limitations and expectations of your project

  • Discovering your aesthetic and lifestyle 

  • Next step discussion for your project



consultations typically last 90 - 120 minutes | additional design assistance available at an hourly rate

Feng Shui Consultation

Looking to transform your life and manifest your deepest desires? Using Feng Shui, we explore your relationship between you and your space to enhance your life. This package is intended for spaces of 1000 square feet or less.

  • Feng Shui Questionnaire 

  • Space Clearing of stagnant qi to refresh the home's energy

  • Decluttering guidance to help in the flow of qi

  • Qi walk of your space to assess the energy patterns

  • Curated list of personal goals and desires for your life

  • Understanding the blockages in your home and how they relate to yourself

  • A personal list of cures to strengthen the areas of focus in your life

  • Arrangement suggestions to enhance the flow of qi in your home



consultations typically last 2 - 4  hours  | additional feng shui assistance available at an hourly rate

Declutter your Life

Has your home gotten out of control with stuff? Looking to downsize but the thought alone is overwhelming? I'll help you create better flow in your life through decluttering and organizing, and act as your guide in this sometimes massive undertaking.

  • Tips on decluttering (specific to your Qi)

  • Organization hacks and help to improve your life

  • Assessment of clutter to understand the blockages of energy

  • Further one-on-one help with the decluttering process (available at an hourly rate)



consultations typically last 60 - 120 minutes | additional feng shui assistance available at an hourly rate

Color Consultation

Get all your color needs met with a design professionalWhether it's finding the right shade of white or that perfect accent wall hue, get assistance from a design expert!


consultations typically last 60 - 90 minutes

Sell your Home with Feng Shui

Looking to sell your house fast? Using Feng Shui, find the solutions and cures to help sell your home.

  • Space Clearing of stagnant/negative/old qi

  • Qi walk of your space to assess the energy patterns

  • Understand the blockages in your home

  • Curated list of cures to enhance the qi of your home

  • Staging suggestions for selling your home



consultations typically last 60 - 120 minutes | additional feng shui assistance available at an hourly rate

House Clearing & Blessing

Does your house make you feel lazy, unmotivated, or depressed. When was the last time you cleaned out the energy? Remove the negative and stagnant energy of your space to invite fresh new qi to flow into your house and life.


Space Clearings typically last 60 - 90 minutes 

To view tailored services and put together a project of your own, visit my Services page.