Design Packages to Fit your Needs and Budget

There is a misconception that only the rich and wealthy can afford design. I believe that everyone deserves a space that makes them happy and healthy. That's why I offer a variety of packages to educate, enhance, and empower you on your path of a holistic home. 

Have a home project in mind? Aside from packaged offerings, I provide numerous services that can be tailored to your specific goals and desires for your space.

Holistic Home Consultation


Want to update your home to improve your health and happiness? A holistic home consultation is a great place to start the journey of enhancing your home to positively impact your health. I'll help you in creating the intention you want your home to have through my holistic home method.

  • Walk through of your space to assess the problem issues in your home's set up.

  • Custom list of holistic solutions for you and your home (based on feng shui + interior design).

  • Personalized Prescription packet detailing the solutions for your home.

  • Follow up to assess the improvements to your home and yourself.



consultations typically last 60 minutes | additional design assistance available at an hourly rate

Feng Shui Consultation

Zen Stones

Manifest your deepest dreams and desires without the hassle of mediation and mantras. Through

Feng Shui and shifting the energy of your home, you can shift your own energy and attract the life you truly want to live. This package is intended for spaces of 1000 square feet or less.

  • Virtual walk-through of your home to access the energy patterns and potential blockages.

  • Analysis of your Qi and energetic makeup to see what to implement in your home.

  • Customized list of cures to implement into your home for your specific goals.

  • Personalized Prescription packet for the cures and changes to add to your home.

  • Follow up consultation to assess the changes in your home and life.



consultations typically last 60 minutes  | additional feng shui assistance available at an hourly rate

Declutter your Life

Stack of Boxes

Has your home gotten out of control with stuff? Looking to downsize but the thought alone is overwhelming? A well organized home can save you time and stress while boosting your peace, happiness, and overall wellbeing. I'll help you create better flow in your life through decluttering and organizing, and act as your guide in this sometimes massive undertaking. 

  • Assessment on the problem areas of your home's clutter.

  • Decluttering guidance and support on how to get rid of clutter (using psychology and motivational hacks).

  • Organizing tips and methods to improve the efficiency in your home.

  • Customized steps on how to declutter without feeling overwhelmed.



consultations typically last 60  minutes | additional decluttering and organization assistance available at an hourly rate

Color Consultation

Paint Cans

Get all your color needs met with a design professionalWhether it's finding the right shade of white or that perfect accent wall hue, get assistance from a design expert!

  • Discovering your ideal color choices and which works best for your home.

  • Personalized color choices and combinations based on your preferred style.

  • Understanding the psychology of color and how it relates to your space.

  • A detailed list of paint colors for you to use based on your preferred brand.


consultations typically last 60 minutes | additional design work available at an hourly rate

Stage to Sell

Hotel Key

Did you know that staging your home can sell your home faster and increase your home's resale value? Increase the attractiveness of your home and help market your property to more potential buyers. ​

  • Initial consultation to understand the demographics of your home's market.

  • Virtual walkthrough to access the home and the ways to increase value.

  • Create a layout to show the best possible arrangement of furniture for each room.

  • Design boards to show the look and feel to best attract buyers on market trends.

  • A customized shopping and sourcing list of ways to increase your home's value through staging.



based on a 1000 or less sf home | additional staging and set up assistance available at an hourly rate | *starting rate

Feng Shui to Sell

Door Installation

Having trouble selling your home? It could be the Feng Shui of your home. Despite how a home visually looks, it is important to have good energy flow in your home as well. Creating good Feng Shui can not only improve the feel of your home, but make it sell quicker and easier as well.

  • Virtual Walk-through of their home to assess the flow of qi.

  • Targeting the blockages of qi as well as problematic Feng Shui in the home.

  • List of Cures to Implement based on the home’s needs for improved Feng Shui.

  • Personalized write-up including Feng Shui ailments and cures.



based on a 1000 or less sf home | additional staging and set up assistance available at an hourly rate | *starting rate

Design on a Dime

Interior Decorations

Art and Decor are like the jewelry of a room. They are the finishing touches that pull together a style, yet so many people don't decorate because of the costs. I'll help you in decorating your home without breaking the bank using my background as a designer but savvy budget babe. ​

  • Consultation to understand your design style, budget, and proposed pieces.

  • Sourcing of art and decor pieces from thrift shops, flea markets, etc. that will work with your current style, budget, and room's design creating a custom and unique look for you.

  • Personalized and detailed description of how to style these treasures in your home.

  • Shipping these items to wherever you live for ease and convenience. 

  • A stylish home for a fraction of the traditional costs.



Additional personalized assistance, shopping, sourcing and staging available at an hourly rate | *starting rate

Vacation Rental Refresh

Palm Trees

Want to earn more money out of your rental property? A beautifully decorated Air BnB or vacation home can earn you more money and give guests an overall better experience. 

  • A floor plan to optimize the best layout based on what guests want in their stay.

  • Design boards showing materials, colors, furniture and decor to dictate your rental's look and style.

  • A shopping list of pieces and selections based on your style and budget.



Additional personalized assistance, shopping, sourcing and staging available at an hourly rate | *starting rate

Total Transformation 

Interior Design Objects

Want a home that is beneficial to you and your energy? That supports you in your needs to feel happy and at peace? A home that reflects you and your unique style? Through the Total Transformation e-deisgn service, you can transform any room in your home to something you thrive in! 

  • Initial consultation to understand your design goals, style, and budget.

  • Multiple space plan options to show the potential for your home's arrangement based on your lifestyle and needs.

  • Design boards to hone in on a personal design style that captures the energy of your home and creates a certain look and feel.

  • Personalized selection of furniture, colors, materials, and decor that reflects your desired style and keeps within budget.

  • All access shopping and sourcing list to make purchasing pieces a piece of cake.

  • Valuable education and knowledge on what you need for your home holistically.



Additional personalized assistance, shopping, sourcing and staging available at an hourly rate | *starting rate - based on 1 medium-large sized room

To view tailored services and put together a project of your own, visit my Services page.