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Having a holistic home is looking at your space in many different facets, and understanding that homes have a variety of different needs. From assessing the energy, to getting some creative design help, there is a consultation for all your home help needs.

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what my clients are saying...

Marissa is fantastic! I've had 2 holistic home consultations with her and been so pleased every time! Marissa has a lot of knowledge and it was so interesting to learn about myself and my space. Definitely book a session with her! You and your space will get a lot out of it!

deniz e

Marissa offered the perfect balance of education and open-ended questions that allowed me to learn more about home design and reflect on the elements that will be meaningful additions to my home. She fit so much into the hour together and somehow found the time to offer helpful advice and listen to my specific design struggles!

chelsea f

Marissa is so easy to work with. My virtual Feng Shui consultation was in depth and I left with so many tips and tricks! She followed up and made sure I didn't have any other questions. I appreciate her expertise and knowledge of a variety of Feng Shui principles.

stephanie y

consultation packages

Holistic Home Consultation


Want an overall update for your home so you can improve your health, happiness, and well-being? A Holistic Home Consultation takes you on a journey of space and self, diving deep into the issues you’re facing with your space and discovering the potential your home truly has. It’s a great place to start enhancing your home through my holistic home approach.


What’s Included:


  • 1 Video Consultation via Zoom

  • Discover the desired goals for your home.

  • Custom list of holistic home solutions (based on Feng Shui + Interior Design).

  • Personalized Packet of solutions for your space.

  • Follow Up to access the improvements to your home.



consultations are 60 minutes | additional design assistance available at an hourly rate

Declutter + Organize your Life Consultation 

Stack of Boxes

Does the clutter in your home have you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? A well organized home has been shown to improve so much of your health + happiness. Come up with a solution for the stuff in your space through my holistic approach to managing your mess!


What’s Included:


  • 1 Video Consultation via Zoom

  • Virtual walk-through of your home to access the problem areas of clutter.

  • Decluttering guidance and support on how to tackle clutter (using psychological + motivational hacks).

  • Organization tips and methods to improve the flow of your home.

  • Customized steps on how to declutter  your home without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Follow up to access your journey in the decluttering process.



consultations are 60  minutes | additional decluttering and organization assistance available at an hourly rate

Feng Shui Consultation

Zen Stones

Ever wonder how good the energy is in your home and how exactly it's affecting you? Find out what's up with the vibes of your place and get customized cures to improve the flow of energy, improve your wellbeing, and help manifest your goals/dreams.

What’s Included:


  • 1 Video Consultation via Zoom

  • Virtual walk-through of your home to access the energy flow and blockages.

  • Analysis of your energetic relationship with your home.

  • Customized list of cures to implement in your home and at your pace.

  • An overlay of the Bagua Map on your home.

  • 1 write up packet for your reference

  • 1 follow up/check-in on the improvements to your home.



consultations are 60 minutes  | additional feng shui assistance available at an hourly rate

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