11 Ways to Add Plants to your Decor

Updated: Jun 15

As a child, I always loved going to my Aunt and Uncle’s home up in Wisconsin. It was a secluded location up near Dodgeville, out in the woods with 40 acres to their name. The land was beautiful, and so was the house. My Aunt and Uncle had a minimalist European style to their home, a little bohemian if you will. Scandinavian furniture, tribal tapestries, a simplistic array of wall art, and loads of plants.

Plants are a wonderful piece of decor to have in your space. They often get overlooked because of the gardening aspect, but they offer such great benefits. The help purify the air, block EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies), help us feel more calm and relaxed, and oh, give us oxygen. Ya know, that stuff we breath. Plants provide us with so many reasons to add them to our spaces. Owning a plant is a rewarding experience. Yes I said owning. When you have a plant, it is sort of like having a pet. You feed it, water it, and make sure it’s being properly looked after. I even talk to my plants.

Scientific studies actually show talking to your plants helps them grow due to the CO2 we are emitting when we breath. So all in all, plants are a great addition to our spaces, but like I said, many people over look them. Here are 11 ways to add plants to your space.

As an End Table

plant end table

Who says you need to frame your sofa with a table? Having a plant on your sofa or chair end is a good way to fill that negative space.

Create a Display

plants display

A mixture of plants can make a lovely display and focal point. Add different shapes, sizes, heights, and textures to create visual interest.

Plant Headboard

interiors bed plants boho

Remember how plants help us feel calm and relaxed? This idea is not only stylish but functional as well.

In your Kitchen

Interiors kitchen backsplash tile open shelves green

Add plants to your countertops and shelves in your kitchen. As an added bonus, have potted herbs so that you can also use them in your cooking.

In your Bathroom

plants bathroom.jpg

Turn your shower time into a rainforest escape by adding tons of plants to your bathroom. The moisture from your shower or bath can help keep the plants hydrated too!

Plant Wall


You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to have a plant wall. Instead, mount shelving to your wall and display all your plants there. It’s a quick and easy way to achieve the luscious feel of a green wall without all the cost.

Book Ends


Two potted plants make for organic and adorable book ends. Get two matching ones for a clean, polished look, or mix and match to create a eclectic vibe.



A hanging plant is a smart solution if you’re tight on floor space. Plus, there are a lot of house plants that actually prefer to be hanging, such as philodendrons, spider plants, and ivy.

Plant Runner

table runner plants

Add plants to your dining space by making a table runner out of them. Stagger pots in a row to create a funky, fresh look.



Terrariums have been a popular item for quite a while now. They’re a cute way to add just a little bit of green into your space. There are so many different shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from, it is easy to get one to match any decor.

Cute Pots


Sometimes, all you need is a cute pot to really make a plant stand out in your space.

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