12 Eco Thanksgiving Decorations

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! If you happen to be hosting Thanksgiving this year, you’ve probably spent a good deal of time figuring out what you’re cooking for this fall feast. Food is half of hosting challenge though. The other half is creating a special space for your guests. A space that feels warm, welcoming, and reflects the holiday.

Being an Environmentalist as well as an Interior Designer, I often try to think up ways to decorate using eco-friendly materials. Much of today’s holiday decor is mass produced store pieces that only get displayed once and stay in storage the rest of the year. It eats a hole in your wallet, and for those of us who don’t have a lot of space, storing this items seems wasteful considering their minimal use.

Break this cycle by using materials found in nature. It’s free and biodegradable, so it can be disposed of after the holidays are over. Using natural materials brings us back to the roots of the holiday, were people didn’t have Pottery Barns and Pier Ones, and instead used these materials themselves to decorate. Putting together a list of eco decor ideas, here are 12 ways to naturally decorate for Thanksgiving this year.

Fall Book Page Leaves Banner


Image via SondraLynAtHome.com

This cute banner offers elements from nature and old items to be repurposed. Click here to get the instructions how to make this banner, or make your own using fallen leaves, twine, and wooden clothespins.

5 Minute Center Autumn Piece


Image via Sasinteriors.net

By using a log and drilling tea light holes in it, you can create a cute votive holder display. Arranged with mini pumpkins, gourds, pinecones, and leaves, it is a perfect fall centerpiece for your table. Click here.

Wired Pumpkins


Image via BHG

Wire offers textural interest to your decor pumpkin patch.

Fall Vignette


Image via BHG

Create a festive fall vignette with mini pumpkins, leaves, twigs, and other natural fall elements displayed in a glass cloche.

Mini Pumpkin Vases


Image via Adore Home

Stack mini pumpkins in a tall glass vase to offer a bit of festive decor. Don’t want to use pumpkins? You can fill vases with other fall elements such as acorns, corn kernels, or pumpkin seeds.

Tealight Gourds


Image via Revel

Drill a hole in a few gourds to make some cute tea light candles that are perfect for Thanksgiving. Use different colors and heights to offer visual interest.

Log Candle Holders


Image via BHG

Like with the tea light gourds, drill holes into cut logs to either make tea lights or have a tapered candle display.

Indian Corn Wreath


Image via Stone Gable Blog

Make a statement as soon as you enter your home! This corn wreath is super adorable and easy to make. Click here.

Acorn Wreath


Image via The Daily Basis

Another idea for a wreath is getting a twig wreath and gluing acorns and leaves around it.

Harvest Display


Image via Miss Mustard Seed

For your dining table centerpiece, have a wooden bowl and arrange a fall bounty of pumpkins, kale, and various produce. Click here.

Pumpkin Dinner Plate Decor


Image via Confessions of a Plate Addict

Make each of your Thanksgiving guests feel special by offering a mini pumpkin on their dinner plates.

Feather Bouquet


Image via Simple Stylings

Have a tiny table and want to create a display that doesn’t take up a lot of space? Think vertically by having a vase arranged with fall grains and perhaps a few pheasant feathers (ethically harvested of course).

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