5 Glamping Ideas for Your Backyard this Summer

Updated: Jun 15

I am all for getting people to go outside. Since today’s society spends 90% of their lives indoors, we could all use a little going out. There are lots of benefits to being outside, from breathing fresh, clean air, to getting exposed to our daily dose of vitamin D from the sun. Summer is definitely a time where people do spend the most time outside. Bonfires, BBQs, pool parties, and outdoor activities keep people active during these hot months.

There is this new concept called ‘Glamping’ that is become popular on sites such as Pinterest. It’s the idea that glamorizes these outdoor rugged activities such as camping, by bringing a bit of decor and style to them.


I love this idea! I combines both my love of design and the outdoors together, and I think it is a great way to get people inspired to go outside more, even if it is just their backyard. Often times I think we get a little bored of the same old outdoor activities: bonfire with lawn chairs, BBQs on quick-to-assemble plastic tables…it gets old after a while. Even if it’s the same outside activity that you usually do, adding a bit of ‘GLAM’ to it can revive an old outdoor favorite. Here are some glamping ideas that you can do this summer in your own backyard!

Rock the Hammock 


During the day, a hammock is a perfect reading spot. Just set up an end table, grab a couple of pillows and a throw and you’re set! At night, string up some Christmas lights or votive candles for a romantic snuggle under the sky.

Walk-In Movie Night


If you’re luck enough to have a projector on hand, having your own backyard movie night is a fun idea this summer! Bring soft seating such as floor pillows and seating cushions for your guests. Light the pathways with tea lights or votives for that movie theater feel, and be sure to add those special touches like a snack bar, a station for extra blankets, and a featured board stating what picture will be playing that night. It sure beats the drive-in!

Twilight Picnic

Forget what you thought you knew about outdoor eating. No more boring foldable metal chairs or drab plastic tablecloths. Create a whimsical outdoor dining area by bringing your indoor furniture outside. Mix and match chairs, add an area rug, and string up some lanterns or create a fun centerpiece for your table. This is an eating area that you’ll want to stay at for hours!


Pitch a Tent


Make an intimate lounge area for your guests by stringing up a canvas tarp or multiple cotton tapestries together for a bohemian vibe. Area rugs and throw pillows offer plush seating, while lights and decor add to the cozy feel. It’s a perfect spot for group conversations, games, or some guitar playing.

The ‘Living’ Room


Buh-bye outdoor patio furniture. Again, the concept of bringing your indoor furniture outside creates a whimsical and cozy area, perfect for conversations, cocktails, and stargazing at night.

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