5 Modern Ways to Refurbish that Dresser from Grandma

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

As Millennials, we seem to be at more disadvantages than future generations. College debts are higher, job availability is lower, and the means of getting our own place doesn’t seem to be an option until we’re breaching thirty. And when we do get our own place, we put all our money towards rent or a down payment so you can forget about decorating it with actual furniture. We acquire furniture our family that has been kept in the basement, pieces that our parents have had since they first moved in. These are old, out-dated, and most of the time UGLY!

But fear not! While you may have to make do with some yellow oak dining set that screams 1980s (shoutout to my parents), there could be that diamond in the rough. That gem of a piece that just needs a little love to make it shine. Most of the time these are storage pieces, such as dressers and cabinets. And while you maybe able to tell right now that it’s a piece your grandma has had for ages, you won’t be able to recognize it with these five updating tips!




Image via Second Chance by Misty ETSY

There are so many ways to paint. From ombre to color block, you can really get creative and have fun with a piece. For a more timeless look, staying with a solid color will be your best friend. That doesn’t mean it can still be fun! How about this highboy dresser in this deep green and washed finish?