6 Design Tricks for Tiny Living

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

One of my future goals is to live in a tiny house. I often get a chuckle when I think of this dream. Most people aspire to have big mansions, lots of ‘feature rooms’ like a movie theater and workout room, etc. I am going the opposite route with wanting to live in 144 square feet of space.

The Tiny House movement has been gaining popularity in recent years, with such HGTV shows like ‘Tiny House, Big Living’, showing all the amazing ways one can live this lifestyle while still maintaining the amenities of modern living. For me, living in a Tiny House is an EcoSpiritual way of living.

The most common type of Tiny House is one built on a flatbed trailer. Having a moveable home, one can bypass a lot of codes that require a home to have a certain minimum square footage. Having a Tiny House on a trailer is actually quite environmentally friendly and has a very minimum carbon footprint. For one, you are not damaging the natural formation of the land by building a foundation.