6 Eco Ways to Decorate your Space

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Being an Interior Designer,  I am constantly discovering ways to make a space unique and beautiful. Design trends are always changing, and every couple of years, people get tired of their old, outdated designs and want to remodel or redo their spaces. Being an environmentalist, I am passionate about reducing the damage done to the earth, and have found that you can still have your new, beautiful space, but you can do it in a way that is Eco-savvy. Here are some ways to decorate your space while keeping mother earth in mind!


Sustainable Materials 

Natural materials and finishes are a simple switch to make when decorating your home. The key to being “green” with natural materials is for them to be sustainable. This means materials that are rapidly renewable and fairly common. Look for softwoods such as bamboo, cork, and hemp. As a bonus, finding sustainable materials that are locally grown/harvested reduces the overall carbon footprint of the product due to less transpiration emissions. Nowadays, there are so many sustainable options, from organic cotton bed sheets to rattan wallpaper, making it easier for consumers to find a product that works for them and the environment.

Recycled Products

‘Recycle’ is one of the three ‘Rs’ of the environmentalist mantra. When shopping for products, be a smart consumer and read the labels. Many items are now made with partially or entirely recycled content. There are baskets and rugs made from old newspapers, mosaic tiles made from recycled glass bottles, even pendant lights made from cardboard.


Eco-friendliness and creativity go hand-in-hand. Finding new ways for old things saves them a trip to the landfill and gives you a unique “new” piece to display in your home. That old watering can? Turn it into a lovely planter!  Old cups? Make them into candles! Need more ideas? Check out this article on creative ways to repurpose.

Salvage Goods