Boho Chairs for Your Hippie Bungalow

Updated: Jun 16

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Boho chairs for your home

Despite our time in lotus pose, us bohemian babes don’t want our places to resemble a sparse yoga studio, but we don’t want our place to look like something copy and pasted from the pages of a Crate & Barrel magazine.

We want a space that reflects our hippie personalities and speaks to our funky souls. We’ve gotten the moroccan rugs, Ikat floor pillows, and faux Mongolian furs, but they just seem a little out of place with that PB Square Arm Chair that screams ‘generic‘. No, we need a chair that is iconic to the hippie look.

So if you’re at a loss in your chair search, look no further. This hippie (and designer) has put together some of the top boho chairs that will be sure to make your space a hippie hangout.

Butterfly Chair

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These are great for extra space

A great chair for lower budgets and smaller spaces, Butterfly chairs look beautiful in that vacant corner. Pop a throw pillow and furry blanket on for an inviting seat for guests. These chairs fold up nicely too, so when you need some extra square footage (for your morning yoga of course), this chair allows for that flexibility.

Peacock Chair

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Peacock's do make quite a statement

Every hippie queen needs a throne, and the Peacock chair IS just that. Made of rattan and cane, these woven chairs are works of art. Sitting in that highback, all eyes are on you as you reign in your statement chair. May you be a kind and benevolent ruler to your crystals, cats, and houseplants.

Basket Chair

Seattle boho interior design
Who doesn't love a swing?

Your inner child will thank you after you get this fun chair. This chair isn’t just for sitting….its for swinging, twirling, rocking, and spinning. There are plenty of unique styles, from egg-shaped to hammock, giving you the option of how you choose to let your inner child play. Just make sure you secure it well to the ceiling, or else your outer adult will not be too happy if your drywall falls down in the process of sitting.

Papasan Chair

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Create a cozy corner

If humans had nests, the papasan would be it. This chair just cocoons you as you sit (or rather curl up) with a good book and hot cup of tea. It is perfect for those corner spaces, filling up the area and transforming it into a cozy nook. To maximize said cozy nook, try hanging a mosquito net from above to fully create a private and snuggly space.

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