Breath Easy Tea

One of the joys that nature brings me is foraging. Foraging has been in my life since childhood, when my father and I would hunt for morels in the springtime. Since then, I’ve taken to learning about all the wonderful benefits plants and fungi provide. Everything has a purpose, and it’s beautiful to see the connections at play.

For example, people with summer allergies can use native plants as medicine to help those ailments. It’s a bit ironic that pollens and flora sparks these, but also plants can treat these as well.

I found these certain floral herbs on a recent forage. They grew in a cluster, almost as if Mother Earth was making it simple, showing people the medicinal cure for our runny noses and congested heads.

Using the flowers of these plants, I decided to make this healing tea blend. I left the buds on their stems to dry for a few days, then proceeded to remove them after dried.

This summer tea is great for helping one breath easier. It helps clear up mucus in the lungs, clears sinus problems and has been used in an herbal remedy for bronchitis. It’s a wonderful medicinal blend. Use it for a variety of respiratory related issues, from seasonal allergies to the common cold/flu.

A fair warning that this isn’t the most tasty tea, but it is medicinal. This combination would also work well in a tincture, to which you can use fresh or dried herbs.

Breath Easy Tea

  • 1 part Ox-eyed Daisy

  • 1 part Golden Rod

  • 1 part Pearly Everlasting

  1. Use 1 tbsp of dried herb for every 8 oz cup. Let steep for 10 minutes.