Design Tips on Decorating your Boho Home

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Interior Design Tips and Tricks for decorating your Interior Bohemian
Decorating your Boho Home

I’ve always been a trend setter, even when I didn’t know it. I’m no influencer, but I can’t help but notice that the things I like become trends a couple years later.

For example, I had a huge obsession with handlebar mustaches wayyyy before hipsters added them to every coffee mug and canvas tote out there. Same goes with cute cacti prints, farmer’s markets, kombucha, witchcraft, crystals, house plants, etc. Now I am seeing my bohemian style being the design trend of the past couple years.

I LOVE bohemian design. Being a boho soul myself, the look definitely speaks to me. While this look has many iterations: California Cool, Farmhouse Eclectic, etc., the essence of bohemian design lies in the story of the pieces. This curation of items is often random and has a tale to tell. From the flea markets of Marrakech, to the roadside thrift sale on your trip to the Southwest, the uniqueness is something I love about this look.

While each person’s boho interior will look a little different depending on the items, there are some guiding tips and tricks to executing a stylish space. Follow these, and you’re sure to have one beautiful boho abode!

White Walls

Boho Interior Design Seattle
This funky boho table pops in this white walled room

While a bohemian dwelling is full of eclectic furniture, decor, and odds and ends, there is a soothing effect to this design. It’s white walls. White walls act as a calm backdrop to the objects within the design that tell the bohemian story.

Texture Texture Texture

Boho Interior design for Seattle
These textured baskets add to this boho bedroom

With white walls, we need to add some oomph to a space (since color isn’t doing the talking). That’s where texture comes in. Get that laid back lifestyle look with tons of layered textures, from a pound of plush pillows to thousands of throws, add thick texture to your design through these decorative elements.

Macrame Art

Boho Interior Design Seattle
Macrame Art is a key bohemian design element

A boho space isn’t complete without some macrame art. Whether wall tapestry, hanging planter, or pillowcase, macrame is just made for boho design. I’m a big fan of Citizenry, and Made Trade, as these are conscious decor companies.

Natural Materials

Boho Interior design seattle
Natural materials like rattan make for a boho space

Hippies and the environment go hand-in-hand. That being said, natural materials such as rattan, cane, and wood are elements to incorporate into your boho design. This can be done through furniture, decor, or art. To avoid going from boho bungalow to tropical sunroom, use rattan and cane sparingly or in statement pieces only like peacock chairs.

Add Plants

Bohemian Interior Design Seattle
Plants make every design better!

Being so connected to the natural world, every bohemian space needs a couple of houseplants. Houseplants offer tons of benefits, plus they make for beautiful living decor! You can find a houseplant to suit any personality type too.

Tribal Prints and Patterns

Boho Interior Design Seattle
The boho design has all the pattern

Inspired by wandering hearts and traveling spirits, use global patterns and prints. Moroccan rugs, Ikat pillows, and Mudcloth runners are all easy ways to infuse these patterns into your space.

Tassels & Fringe

Boho Interior Design Seattle
Add some details to your design with tassels

The original hippie and bohemian style was fashion. Fringe jackets and tasseled bellbottoms were all the rage. Now in 2020, this is shown in our interior decor through tasseled floor pillows, fringe lamp shades, and pompoms on our bedspread. It’s a cute design element that is subtle yet fun.

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