Easy Ways to Make your Backyard Magical this Summer

Updated: Jun 13

Here in the states we are in month five of quarantines, work from home, and social distancing. Businesses have slowly started to open up in Seattle, but we are still being cautious about public outings and gatherings. So stay at home we shall. 

With us all being stationed and bunkered down in our homes, we're making the most of our spaces. I've noticed a lot more people decluttering, refurbishing, and renovating their homes. As a holistic designer, it's great to see people taking more notice to how their spaces are influencing and impacting them.

Now that summer is here though, we want to be spending more time outside. Especially in Seattle! It is after all the best time of the year here. With nine out of the twelve months being rain, rain, rain, we rejoice in the few months of solid sunshine and nice weather.

Seattle often has loads of activities during this time: festivals, parades, block parties, concerts in the park, etc. However with none of that happening this year, we are looking to new ways to enjoy these beautiful summer months. 

It's time to take to our backyards! Even if the 2020 summer is canceled, we can start transforming our own yards into entertaining spots and restoring retreats. Here are some tips on making the most out of your backyard this summer.



Whether its a flower bed or vegetable patch, gardening is a great addition to a backyard. Gardening has proven to have lots of health benefits from getting your daily Vitamin D to lowering your stress. Vegetable patches are awesome because you get the freshest produce available! Plus it helps save a few $$ which we're all wanting to do. Flower gardens offer an experience to the senses, being both visually beautiful