Eco Ways to Decorate this Holiday Season

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

It’s time to deck the halls! With the holiday season approaching, millions of people want to bring the festive cheer into their homes. Decorating for the holidays is not a new tradition. Even ancient civilizations, such as the Druids or Celts would decorate around this time. As we’ve evolved as a society, our taste for holiday decorations has strayed from nice to naughty in terms of environmental damage.

The holiday season is one of huge environmental concern. Each year, around 25-30 million trees are sold at this time. It’s a archaic tradition that we still practice despite the negative effects in has on our planet. The amount of environmental damage does not stop at just the tree. Wrapping paper, plastic decor, and cheap disposable items are all ways that the holiday season contributes to the influx in negative environmental impact. From Thanksgiving to New Years alone, we as a society generate seven million more pounds of waste.

So instead of aiding in the mass amount of waste, you can decorate with the environment in mind this holiday season. There are a few methods on sustainable decor. Using natural foraged materials is a great idea because these are biodegradable and are naturally recycled back into our ecosystem. Another option is for reusable/repurposed products that prolong the use and save a trip to the landfill.

Looking for inspiration on how to decorate sustainably this holiday? Check out this list of ideas to get you started on your eco holiday season.


Branch Christmas Tree

Image via

Craft via Lalole Blog

Candle Displays

Dress up your plain white candles by tying some burlap and pine snippings with twine around the base.

Another option to tie around your candle are spices. Cinnamon sticks add some visual interest and smell great. Alternatively, you can switch this for an anise star secured with twine.

Image via Planete Deco

A super easy winter decor trick is to fill a hurricane vase or other glass candle vase with foraged winter flora. Pinecones, holly, pine snippings, or twigs are all wonderful natural elements that are free and fill your home with the festive yule spirit.


Natural Pine Garland

Craft via The Fresh Exchange 

Real garland is biodegradable and fills your home with a nice forest scent. Buy or make your own with this craft from The Fresh Exchange. Just remember to compost your garland when you’re done!

White Felt Acorn Garland

Acorn Garland, $15 via WoollyMemories

These adorable acorns are made from foraged acorn caps, twine, and wool. All are natural and biodegradable materials, and can even work in your fall decor.

Wood Burned Garland

Craft via The Kim Six Fix

This chalkboard painted wood garland is extra savvy because you can switch up the sayings based on the holiday season, keeping this decor practical year round!


Glass Filled Ornaments

Craft via Martha Stewart 

Moss Filled Ornaments, $24 via Elizabethan Folk Art

As you can see, there are so many ways to get creative with a simple glass ornament. Fill it with biodegradable twine, natural moss, or holly clippings. It’s a versatile way to decorate your tree to suit your holiday style.

Etched Tree Slices

Craft via

These etched wooden ornaments are a perfect rustic and natural touch for your “yule” tree. Forage for fallen branches to make it an even “greener” decor element.

Cinnamon Scented Ornaments

Craft via Katy Elliott

Have your house smelling of yummy cinnamon with these cinnamon heart ornaments. It’s a fun craft to do, plus you can create your own shapes and designs, customizing your very own ornaments.

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