Feng Shui & Crystals

Updated: Jun 17

Before my love for Feng Shui, there was my love of crystals. I’ve been working with crystal energy for over 5 years now. During my earlier years, I learned about crystal gridding in your home. Much of these principles are based off of Feng Shui, as this is an ancient practice that has also used gemstones as cures for spaces.

Cures are objects that enhance or alter the energy of a space. Crystals can be used in Feng Shui as cures to bring in certain energies. The type of crystal and location of your space to put it in matter when gridding your house for Feng Shui.

Below is a list of common crystals used in Feng Shui and home gridding.


Known as the Merchant’s Stone, Citrine is an excellent stone for abundance, prosperity, and good fortune.

Place in the Wealth Corner of your space.

Rose Quartz

A stone of unconditional love, compassion and kindness, Rose Quartz connects and opens your heart chakra.

Place in the Relationship Corner of your space.

Black Tourmaline

A powerful earth stone, Black Tourmaline absorbs and transmutes negative energies. It’s extremely protective and is a great crystal for shielding a space.

Place near the Entrance of your home for protection.


A high vibrational stone, Amethyst connects us to spiritual wisdom, consciousness, and the divine. Its soothing energies relax our crown and third eye chakras, helping us with stress, depression, and insomnia.

Place in your Bedroom or near your headboard for peaceful sleep. Place is Wisdom corner of your space.

Clear Quartz

You really can’t go wrong with a clear quartz. This stone is known as the Master, or Shaman stone of the crystal kingdom. It amplifies, transfers, and transmutes energy. It is able to be programed for many uses, making it an excellent stone for any purpose.

Place in any location of your space.


Jade is a heart chakra stone that fosters chi, or life force energy. It’s not only a good stone for balancing your overall wellbeing, but Jade is also associated with abundance and growth, making it great for prosperity in the home.

Place in Health Corner of your space or in Wealth Corner.


Selenite is a high vibrational stone that is great for clearing energy. Its frequencies connect to our higher chakras and act to filter unwanted energies from our auras and spaces.

Place a selenite wand above your entrance to act as a ‘screen’ to clear your energies when you enter your home. It is also great by bedsides to assist with peaceful sleep.