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How to Decorate for Capricorns

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

It’s Capricorn season! Capricorns are hardworking and practical. Often times this translates to their spaces feeling a little dull in design. With all of the other work in their life, decorating their space seems like a last resort, though a well-designed space can help a Capricorn excel in their work and goals.

Want to learn how to decorate for this zodiac sign? Here are some design tips to help create the perfect space.


Practical Pieces

Being an earth sign, Capricorns are grounded, responsible, and practical people. They don’t want furniture that just looks nice. They’re more concerned with the functionality and practicality of these pieces. Is it durable? Does it have multiple uses? They prefer furniture that is timeless and simple. Scandinavian pieces are perfect for this sign since they’re not only practical but timeless, being a style from the 1950s that is still trendy today.

Neutral Tones

Since Capricorn is a practical sign, this also means that their color choices are that as well. Not wanting to get distracted by bold colors, Capricorns prefer a calm neutral color scheme that is classic. Shades of grey are a good choice for this professional sign, as they not only pair with a variety of accent colors, but it’s a color that says ‘I’m no nonsense and mean business’.

Focus on the Home Office

Capricorns are the business tycoons of the zodiac wheel. Therefore, the home office is a great place to focus on for this sign. Invest in good work equipment such as a standing desk, dual monitors, and an ergonomic office chair. To help this sign stay focused and striving towards their goals, add some practical ‘décor’ pieces such as a bulletin board, desktop calendar, and wall clock.

A Storage System

Even though Virgos are known to be the organizers of the zodiac, Capricorns appreciate a well-organized bookshelf or shelving systems just as much. These are the places where a Capricorn can store and display their hobbies and interests. From storing their outdoor gear to keeping all their projects and crafts, having a place just for these items is essential for an efficient Capricorn.

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Happy decorating Capricorns!


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