How to Decorate for Capricorns

Updated: Jun 12

It’s Capricorn season! Capricorns are hardworking and practical. Often times this translates to their spaces feeling a little dull in design. With all of the other work in their life, decorating their space seems like a last resort, though a well-designed space can help a Capricorn excel in their work and goals.

Want to learn how to decorate for this zodiac sign? Here are some design tips to help create the perfect space.


Practical Pieces

Being an earth sign, Capricorns are grounded, responsible, and practical people. They don’t want furniture that just looks nice. They’re more concerned with the functionality and practicality of these pieces. Is it durable? Does it have multiple uses? They prefer furniture that is timeless and simple. Scandinavian pieces are perfect for this sign since they’re not only practical but timeless, being a style from the 1950s that is still trendy today.

Neutral Tones