How to Decorate for Taurus

Updated: Jun 12

It’s Taurus Season! Taurus’s are all about the home. Into the comforts of life, they live for creating beautiful and sensual experiences. What better way to add comfort and beauty than through the home?

Want to learn how to decorate for this zodiac sign? Here are some design tips to help create the perfect comfy home.


Get the Cozy Factor On

Taurus is all about the senses! Being an earthy sign, they’re already a very embodied person. With their ruling planet being Venus, the planet of love and beauty, this earthy nature is shown in their ability to live life through their senses. This is very true in a Taurus’s sense of touch. Decorate with different textures, such as a soft sheepskin rug, snuggly cable knit throw, or velvet upholstered armchair to play into this sign’s high tactile abilities.

Focus on the Bedroom

There is the common joke that Tauruses love to sleep. It’s no joke. Taurus, despite being also known to work hard, this sign likes to lounge hard too. Nothing is quite as relaxing as having a peaceful and comfy bedroom to zen out in. Put a lot of focus into the bed itself. Get a foam or latex mattress to ensure maximum comfort, invest in high quality bed sheets such as organic cotton and linen, and get the most soft and fluffy pillows. In all, you want to be sleeping on a cloud.