How To Decorate Your Space According to Your Zodiac Sign

Updated: Jun 16

The stars say a lot about us. According to Astrology, the position and alignment of the planets greatly influences and impact who we are and the events that take place in our lives. They reveal bits of our personality, what professions we may be best suited for, and how we go about our romantic relationships.

Astrology also reveals our sense of style. Different signs are attracted to different aspects of design. A fiery Leo’s living room will be completely different than a down-to-earth Taurus. So whether you’re a Scorpio or a Gemini, find out how your sign designs and what it says about you.


Being the first of the zodiac, Aries are all about trends and flashy spaces. Bold pops of color, such as electric yellow or vibrant red connect to the fiery element of this sign. A fun zig-zag or geometric pattern on a rug, wallpaper, or backsplash is another way to engage the fast-paced lifestyle of Aries.


An earth sign, Taurus are very connected to their environments and need a space that engages their sense of touch. Soft cozy throws, furry pillows, and lots of textural pieces connect to this sign and provide these natives with the comfort they crave. Bring in earthy greens and add lots of plants to the space to provide the finishing touches.


Gemini are versatile and full of ideas. They need a space that reflects just that. Keeping an open floor plan allows for movement and flexibility, as does free-standing pieces that can be rearranged. They are constantly thinking, so having a place to jot down their flowing ideas, such as a chalkboard wall can benefit this air sign. It’s better to under decorate than over decorate for a Gemini, as too many pieces can be overstimulating for their already active minds.


Cancers are the sign that rules family and home, and as so, their homes are very important to them. Being sentimental, decorate with lots of antiques and family heirlooms. A water sign, these natives are a romantic bunch, so add elements like soft, floral wallpaper, or a cream ogee tile to bring that romantic essence to the space.


Proud like lions, a Leo’s den has to be as bold and royal as they are. Rich colors like plum or navy add depth and vibrancy to the space. Interesting features such as crown molding or a grand fireplace help to glam up these native’s homes. Since these natives have a sense of royalty about them, add luxury pieces like a chesterfield sofa in glamour fabrics such as velvet.


Virgos are simple, practical, and clean, and their spaces reflect just that. Keeping it simple, have white walls that are sprinkled with minimal art. A bright and airy space with plenty of natural light keeps Virgos feeling clean and fresh, while natural textures like organic cotton, jute, and sisal connect to the earth element of this sign. Lastly, add practical yet stylish pieces, such as a cabinet for storage or woven baskets to make the space truly a Virgo’s retreat.


Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty. Libras have a love of style, seeking out classic and timeless looks. Libras also crave harmony, so the design of the space should achieve balance. Striking that balance, they gravitate towards transitional style. Have end tables on both sides of the sofa, keep finishes and fabrics to a minimum so it doesn’t get over complicated, and try to avoid feature walls that take away focus from the overall space.


Mystery and allure is the makeup of Scorpio.  Dark walls in rich colors such as navy and plum, heavy fabrics, and dark wood stains all speak to Scorpio’s inner mystery and moodiness. Being water signs, they need a place to sit, unwind, and brood, so having the space feel cozy and dark appeals to these natives.


Sagittarius are known as the travelers of the zodiac. For this sign, a tribal/global style gives them the opportunity to incorporate many of their souvenirs into their space. Funky hand-carved chests, ornate screens, and wooden sculptures all appeal to this signs love of travel. Appealing to the fire element of Sagittarius, add ikat and zig zag patterns in ethnic jute rugs and baskets. Since they are expansive types, lofty spaces suit them best.


Capricorns are the stable and reasonable type. They tend to lean towards classic pieces, such as a leather sofa or a grandfather clock. As an earth sign, they prefer a style that is traditional and timeless. Neutral colors and minimal pattern use should be applied to a Capricorn space.


Aquarians seek out the original and unique. There are no rules and limits when it comes to Aquarian decor. Modern design appeals to these natives due to the creative freedom it provides. Their spaces tend to revolve around social gathering, so having a large living room or dining room space where conversation can flow is important.


Pisces are known as the dreamers of the zodiac. As so, they require a space that harbors relaxation. The space should be light, airy, and yet soft and cozy. Light blue or white walls brighten up the space, while heavy textures provide the comforting feel Pisces need.

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