How to Design Modern Chic

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Spring is here and for many home owners (or interior lovers) that means updating their spaces. This could be as major as a renovation or as minor as swapping out some pillows and accessories for the new spring trends. One of the spring trends that has been a hit with millennial is Modern Chic.

This design style, like many, goes by various names depending on who you’re talking to: modern chic, glam modern, Parisian chic, etc. Multiple names aside, this style revolves around the feminine. It’s the style of a classy and sophisticated lady mixed with the bright and youthful energy of a trendy urban fashionista. It’s girly all grown up. Swap out your childhood ruffly linen for animal print rugs, trade in sequins and rhinestones for gold brass fixtures, and you got yourself a modern chic home.

Interested in achieving the modern chic look for yourself? Here are a few tips and tricks to execute this design style.


Herringbone Lay

When laying your flooring or tile, instead of an ashlar or stacked layout, switch it up to herringbone. It’s a subtle and chic way to add some pattern into your space. You know what else is chic? Sustainable design. Remember when choosing wood to go for FSC certified woods, and tiles made from recycled material.

Bright and Fun Colors

To make a space feel cheerful and light, use pastels and citrus tones such as aquamarine, mint green, and tangerine orange.

*Design tip = Unless you have a good sense of design, either use the color on the walls or through furniture but not both. You don’t want your space looking like an easter egg basket.