How to Design your Balcony for your Lifestyle

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Hi Blogging World! Sorry I’ve been MIA, but I have a good excuse….it’s summer! Sunshine and warmth are rarities in Seattle, so I’m soaking up all I can during these summer months. I’ve also been pretty busy with life. I’ve started a new job and I’m also moving to a new apartment in a few days. Exciting stuff no?!

I’m super excited about my new place because it’s an Interior Designer’s dream: hardwood floors, bay windows with lots of natural light, ten foot ceilings, and a clawfoot tub. It also comes with a tiny balcony, which I am thrilled to have since having your own private outdoor area in the city is a scarcity.

While balconies in the city are small, there are still a variety of ways to design the space to make it feel like another room and not just a place to store your grill. Some basic tips are to decorate with lots of plants. This transforms the area into something that resembles the outdoors (if I have enough plants, I can almost pretend I have a yard). Another tip is to have an area rug. You’ll be amazing how putting one down can turn your balcony into its own stylish space. Add decor such as pillows and lanterns, and voila, you have yourself your own outdoor room!

Beyond the basic tips, you should design your balcony to reflect your lifestyle. To fully maximize the use of the space, you want your balcony to be a place where you’ll actually go and do the activities you enjoy doing. Here are four different ways you can design your balcony to suit your lifestyle.


The Social Butterfly

Want to carry your small shindigs outside? Place a small love seat on one side of the balcony, filling the space. Add a set of nesting tables and an arm chair on the opposite side, and you have yourself another social seating spot. It’s perfect for chatting with a girlfriend over a glass of wine or offering a secluded seating area when hosting larger parties.

The Gardener