Plants and Herbs for Celebrating Yule

Updated: Jun 12

Many holidays take place in December. For witches, this holiday is Yule. Taking place on the Winter Solstice, it marks the shortest day of the year.

At this time, ancient and pagan cultures would celebrate the return of the sun. The days here on after would become longer and the promise of warmer months was ahead. A twelve day festival would usually occur, as people would take this time to celebrate and thank the nature spirits for the “rebirth” of the sun.

Pagan holidays and their traditions incorporate items found in nature, such as fruit, trees, and herbs. Paganism has a deep EcoSpiritual connection, from celebrating the cycle of the seasons to working with the four elements. Items found in nature contain their own magick, and pagans utilize this in their own crafts.

Whatever your traditions are for Yule, here are plants to bring to your magick practice this year…



Cedar is one of the nine traditional woods used by Druids in Balefires, and is used to create sacred spaces. It is believed in many traditions to house powerful spirits and is used in rituals to invite positive entities in to help with magick work. Its ancient wisdom and power connects us deep with the energy of the Earth.

Use: Cleanse your space before a spell and strengthen magick of spell.