Seven Ways to Eco Your Walls

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

It seems that nowadays, there are more and more ways to be environmental without even having to try. Green products have been appearing in stores everywhere, including home improvement ones. Having a more environmentally conscious home is not only a good step for the planet, but your overall health as well. Chemicals found in many home products such as paints and wallpapers omit harmful gasses and lead to a poorer air quality, causing respiratory illnesses and even cancer. And must we forget the days of asbestos and lead in our paint? I think not.

Since spring and summer are the two big ‘renovation’ seasons where people are updating their homes for graduation parties and barbecues, it is appropriate to talk about some environmental ways you can decorate your home and space. If you’re looking for a low maintenance or low budget option that can make a huge impact, updating your walls is a great place to start. It is amazing how a simple coat of paint or wallpaper can take a room from blah to bam. Keeping my environmentalist heart happy, here are seven eco ways you can transform your walls this season!



Modern advancements have developed zero-VOC, non-toxic paints that don’t sacrifice the quality of color to your walls. VOC stands for ‘volatile organic compound’, and are chemicals that vaporize at room temperatures. These chemicals produce off-gas and have been linked to an increased risk of cancer, liver/kidney damage, as well as getting trapped into our ozone layer when released. When shopping for paints, choose one that is  zero-VOC.


Cork is a very sustainable material. Cork bark is stripped from the tree and is used to make cork products, from wine stoppers to flooring. The tree is never cut down, and cork can be both reused and recycled. Companies have used cork in creating beautiful wall coverings that are both stunning and sound-absorbent.

Recycled Tile