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Simple Feng Shui Tips for a Healthier Kitchen

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Our kitchens are one of the cornerstone spaces in our homes according to Feng Shui. The kitchen is the heart (and stomach) of the home. It creates the qi that we bring into our own bodies from our food. Our kitchens relate directly to our health.

Nowadays, many of us are focusing more and more on our health, which is a good thing! We're working out, watching our diets, and getting a good night's sleep. But our health doesn't just stop at our physical bodies. Our mental and emotional states are important to maintain, and we can manage all three through Feng Shui. 

Here are some simple enhancements we can make in our kitchens to bring more healthy qi into our lives.


Add More Wood

Kitchens naturally contain a lot of fire qi. To further enhance this energy, add the wood element. This can be done in butcher block countertops, bamboo kitchen utensils, wooden shelves, and tall upper cabinets. The wood element helps to bring more yang qi into a kitchen for health and growth.

What's in your Fridge?

Did you know that Feng Shui isn't just moving furniture and adding decorative objects? Since qi is everything, Feng Shui consultants access the energy of what you are putting into your space/home, this being your clothing, cleaning products, and food. Processed foods and meats contain a lot of lower vibrational qi. You might have experienced the physical side effects of eating these lower energy items, from being lethargic to serious health issues like diabetes and high cholesterol. Eating foods that contain living qi, such as fruits and vegetables will help to increase your vibrations and add to a healthier life.

Utilize Natural Light

Studies have shown that natural lighting is beneficial for our health in so many ways. Adding natural light in your kitchen not only provides you with these health benefits, but also creates better energy overall. A common kitchen configuration is having your sink next to a window for letting light in while you wash your dishes, produce, etc. This provides a healthy balance of water and fire qi. 

Have Clean Water

City tap water contains a lot of chemicals. The most common chemical is fluoride. This has been linked to health issues like thyroid problems and neurological disorders. Since water is a big deal in Feng Shui (it isin part of the name after all), it's important to get pure drinking water. Getting a filtration system that removes harmful chemicals is a great investment. I like Filter Water because it has a ton of filtration options. Being H20 sensitive, I'm able to taste the differences in my water, and if it has those chemicals or not. Remember...water IS life. 

Want further tips on Feng Shui living or looking to get further guidance on creating a healthy and happy space? Be sure to follow me and send me an inquiry if you'd like to work together! 

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