The Four Celestial Animals of Feng Shui

Updated: Mar 17

The Four Celestial Animals are a cornerstone to Feng Shui. They are mythical creatures that contain specific energies that relate to the features of our space. Each animal is associated with a direction and an element. It is through these animals that we build a better understanding about the natural energy of our space.

Want to know more about what each animal represents? Read on for a description on each celestial animal and its energy.


Red Phoenix

The Phoenix is a mythical bird who is as large as an eagle with red and gold feathers. Legend goes that the Phoenix never dies but at the end of its life, burst into flames and is reborn from its ashes. Flying across the open lands, it searches for opportunities. It is associated with the South direction and the season of Summer.

In Feng Shui, the element of South is Fire. It connects to our passions and desires. When fire is fueled it grows. As such, the Phoenix represents expansion. In relation to ourselves, it is the direction in front of us.


*Feng Shui Tip – It is biologically and psychologically given that humans want to witness the world around them. This is why when we have a seat that is facing a wall, such as at a desk, we feel constricted and closed. The Red Phoenix energy should be the lower energy in front of us. For example, for your office, have your desk position