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You deserve a home that you love! But it can be overwhelming in designing your home. With all of the choices, furniture decisions, costs, paint colors, and decor, designing a home you love can seem like a daunting task.

Get organized, stay on budget, and keep on task with this Interior Design Workbook. This workbook is perfect for Airbnb Hosts, Real Estate Investors, Apartment Renters, Home Owners, DIYers, and anyone looking to improve their home.

This Interior Design Workbook features helpful and printable pages to fill out to keep you on task, on budget, and on schedule. Featuring 10 downloadable pages, these sheets can be customized to each room you are designing in your home.

+ Concept Sheet
+ Wall Color Sheet
+ Budget Sheet
+ Item Inventory
+ Timeline Sheet
+ Art and Decor Checklist
+ Fixture and Finish Checklist
+ Space Planning Sheet

Digital and downloadable in PDF format, this workbook can be printed out on US Letter paper. Use the sheets you need and repeat the process for each room in your home.

Design doesn't have to be hard. Get help and guidance in creating a home you love with this Interior Design Workbook.

Interior Design Workbook

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