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Holistic homes go beyond the paint color and eco-friendly flooring…it’s also how you LIVE in your home.


Say HELLO to the Seasonal Living ebooks


For those wishing to reconnect to nature, these ebooks are a great resource in understanding the energies of each season and how to bring this into your home and life.


Each ebook contains over 35+ pages of seasonal recipes (both with seasonal produce *and* foraged foods), natural remedies + herbal medicines, and tips and ways to incorporate the energies of the season through scents, home decor, and activities. 


  • Healthy seasonal recipes that are easy to make
  • Natural medicine + herbal remedies
  • Health + Beauty DIYs
  • Natural Decor tips + ideas 
  • Seasonal Scents
  • Tips + Activities to Celebrate the Season


>> Digital and Downloadable <<

Seasonal Living Ebook - Spring

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