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Design Online

You can get a personalized and tailored look without ever leaving home...

Now when I first started my profession, I heard about edesign services and their benefits of being an affordable and convenient choice for clients. Aside from those benefits, edesign offers the ability for anyone and everyone to have accessibility to professional help with their homes.


Edesign services offer you the expertise and guidance on your home's design with the flexibility and comfort of enjoying the process.  

Further, through my holistic home approach, you can weave in other focuses into your 1:1 Design Work, such as Feng Shui and even Home Living Coaching.

The first step is to hop on a phone call and chat about your dreams for your home and how we can make that happen! So what are you waiting for....

The Design Process

Home Analysis

Think of me like your private design detective and my goal is to figure out your holistic home. Data is collected from questionnaires, documentation, pinterest boards, and other forms to determine the needs for you and your home. 

Design Direction

Every great design starts off as a seed of an idea. This is where we gain the design direction for the space by showing the various ways in which to take your space. This is achieved through  concept and/or mood boards and multiple layout options.

Design Development

Nurturing the design seed, we start developing the design through narrowing in on specifics. Design boards are created to show the furnishings, finishes, and fixtures selections that would fit best into your home and it's design. 

Selections + Sourcing

It's shopping time! Here we create schedules for furnishings, finishes, and fixtures that make shopping and sourcing these design elements a breeze. Whether you or I take on the purchasing, these schedules help to track and document your project!

Finishing Touches

Think about art and decor like the jewelry to a room...the cherry on top. These tiny details make and elevate a design to its full glory. But decor isn't only beautiful, it can be personal and tell a story. We work together to find items that spark joy.

Refresh vs Remodel?

What type of design work is suitable for online? Thanks to technology and remote work, there isn't much that can't be done online and virtually.

Through email, video meetings, documents, and software programs, you are able to achieve a professional design for your home all while enjoying the *current* comforts of being at home, working at a flexible pace and schedule for you.

From furnishing a living room to remodeling and refreshing a kitchen, edesign makes the process easy!

honey lune hivery.png


Concept Board Moody Boho Bedroom.jpg

Concept boards help give your design direction. Simply saying I like modern, we explore what that actually means through concept boards and inspiration images. For example, a boho bedroom can look light and airy, colorful, or dark and moody like this concept board.

Design boards build off of your design concept and showcase the details that make up that design. Furnishing, fixture, and finish selects show the various ways you can achieve that design look and feel. For example, this boho bedroom focuses on angled patterns, a neutral color palette, and medium toned wood, which is only one of the design paths your room could take!

Design boards moody boho bedroom.jpg

benefits behind online design


Virtual design services means that you can schedule meetings that work for your schedule. No extra driving around, coming into an office, or dealing with time conflicts. You can enjoy the design process while still in your pjs.


You've probably heard that hiring an Interior Designer is expensive. Well with online design, you are saving yourself some serious design costs that occur typically through travel time, shopping trips, and other hidden fees.


Creating and transforming your home can be scary and overwhelming. Through the process of virtual design, you get guidance and clarity in those areas you've been struggling with, and gain the confidence to make your home something special. 

Tropical Plants


"Marissa helped to design my new kitchen. The contractor and cabinet designer just weren't getting it. Marissa did. She has an eye for what is esthetically pleasing in every aspect of the kitchen design, From centering cabinets appropriately to help the flow, down to choosing the right finish for the hardwood flooring. She worked with me to choose a countertop and backsplash that complimented each other and gave me joy to look at. I am so happy with my new kitchen! Thank you Marissa. It's a dream come true."

Donna B

"This was such a great experience! I’ve been struggling with ideas for my master bedroom for months now, and Marissa helped me come up with a plan!"

kim m

Are you Ready?

You spend so much time in your home, so why wait to transform it into an inner and outer sanctuary? Schedule your free initial discovery call today and let's connect to see what help your home needs in bettering your overall well-being!

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