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My passion for space and my belief that our environments can heal us lead me to create Honey Lune Hivery, a home and lifestyle approach where I focus on holistic health to better our relationship with our spaces.


Our spaces are just one of the many ways we connect to the physical world, and they have the ability to impact our lives, physically and psychologically. My wish is to strengthen a person's relationship with their space so they can live a happier and healthier life.

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Marissa Lada

Holistic Home Specialist

I've always been attracted to spaces and how they make us feel. Being very sensitive to my environment early as a child, I understand the levels of impact our homes can have on us.

Working in the Architecture & Interior Design field for 5 years, and being certified through the IFSG International Feng Shui Guild, I blend in both realms of Design and Energy Work to transform our spaces into places of health and healing. 


I highly recommend Marissa’s Feng Shui services. Her recommendations really shifted the energy of my home. She was friendly, knowledgeable, and explained to me where things could be improved and why based on the energy and feel I was going for.




Marissa is very knowledgeable! I really enjoyed her holistic perspective: design, Feng Shui and energy. I learned a lot with her on our one-on-one virtual consultation. I would highly recommend her if you are looking to bring some fresh energy to your space.


Researcher & Astrologer


My consultation with Marissa was nothing less than wonderful; she gave me some great ideas for working with what I have as well as incorporating new design elements. I went into the consultation with the desire to focus on improving my wealth and career. Since working with Marissa, I have found that both my creativity and my motivation to work have increased significantly. I highly recommend working with Marissa for all your Feng Shui needs.




Marissa consulted with my housemate and I about our home and living space. Neither of us had any prior experience with professional Interior Design or Feng Shui.  Marissa was a very good guide getting started. She directly addressed my discomfort with employing Feng Shui in the home; explaining that it could be used as a framework of thought to focus the purpose of a room. I would highly recommend Marissa to anyone looking for a holistic approach to their design needs - your house should be your home!

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My family had Marissa come to our home for floor and paint color suggestions. She gave us a lot of great advice on choosing material and colors that will work well with our home as we transition to an updated look. Marissa is flexible and listened closely to our preferences before making suggestions. I look forward to having her help organize or declutter or space in the future.

Marketing Manager



Marissa blew me away! I did not know what I was getting myself into and had a few ideas of what I would hear, but working with Marissa brought so much clarity to my life as well to my space. She is highly knowledgeable in her field and works with you on such a deep and compassionate level. I highly recommend working with Marissa!


Life Coach


I hired Marissa for a 1-hour Feng Shui space consultation. In that time, she helped me decide how I wanted to arrange the furniture in my room, and also helped me narrow down my color palette, giving the space a more cohesive look and feel. After integrating all of her advice and perspectives, the energy is flowing much more smoothly through my space and it’s feeling a lot better overall. I highly recommend working with Marissa to set up a new space or freshen up an existing one!

Lux G.



Marissa was wonderful to work with. She is very creative and thoughtful in her approach and helped us to see and use our space in a different way that works much better for us. My partner and I have different ideas on how we’d like the space to look, she was great at helping us come to creative solutions that satisfy both of our needs. I would highly recommend Marissa if you want to transform your space in a way that brings both inspiration and peace to your home.




So grateful for Marissa’s visit! One of my main intentions when Marissa was to increase the creative energy of my space. With her guidance I was able to make some small and delectable changes to my space! And... my creativity continues to build and expand. This stuff makes such a difference!! Thank you Marissa

Allison H.



Marissa is super knowledgeable and passionate about her craft. I was able to gain great insight about what I could shift around in my home to help with the flow of energy. There were so many cool things that I learned from her and she will help guide you through creating a more mindful living space. I definitely recommend her for her interior design and feng shui knowledge!

Eva L.

Business Owner


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As a holistic designer I focus on more than just sustainably sourced wood flooring and recycled content, because our homes are more than just the shells. It's everything we're putting inside!


Curious to know more about creating a holistic home through your products and items? Check out my EcoSpiritual Living page to learn more. 

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