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Marissa Lada

The Busy Bee Behind

Honey Lune Hivery

I've always been attracted to spaces and how they make us feel. Being very sensitive to my environment early as a child, I understand the power your home has, which sparks my deep passion and purpose in working with the built environment.

With over 10+ years of combined education and experience as an Interior/Environmental Designer and Feng Shui Consultant, I blend both design and energetics into transforming homes into places that better your health, enhance your mood, and overall improve your life.

your holistic home helper

my vision


Knowledge is power, and the more you know why your home is impacting your wellbeing, the more likely you are to make improvements to your home. It's like that teach a man to fish saying...except instead of a fish it's your home!


Whether it's an hour consultation or a full scale design job, you'll walk away with a better space than before. That's because I work with you and where you are at in your home journey, helping you achieve a better home no matter your budget, style, or preferences.


There is a lot of stigma and gatekeeping in the Interior Design and Feng Shui worlds. I want you to feel empowered in the design process and the decisions you're making with your home. You deserve to have a home you love, and I'll help you get there!

a dream to work with...

Marissa is a dream to work with! As a holistic health coach, her holistic approach to home design + decor is so important to me. I love that she can take the practical, aesthetic, and energetic into account to create something perfect for ME.

caitlin j

ND + Health Coach


I'm so happy...

Marissa helped to design my new kitchen. The contractor and cabinet designer just weren't getting it. Marissa did. She has an eye for what is esthetically pleasing in every aspect of the kitchen design. I am so happy with my new kitchen! Thank you Marissa. It's a dream come true.

donna b

Sales Rep


completely changed my life...

Meeting Marissa has completely changed my life for the better. She has given me resources that are changing the trajectory of my entire life, and will create a better future for my family. As dramatic as that sounds it is 100% true. Now, my overwhelm is one of joy - over all the different areas Marissa specializes in.

danielle s



what my clients are saying

Let's work together!

unlock your home's potential

Stop stressing over your space and get the confidence and clarity in creating a home that supports you, your lifestyle, and your energy!

Book your initial Connection Call! I can't wait to chat and get to know you, your home, and how we can turn your space into something that helps you in living your best life!

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