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Honey Lune Hivery

my vision

My passion for built spaces and my understanding that our environments impact your health and wellbeing on every level lead me to create Honey Lune Hivery, a home and lifestyle approach where I blend holistic health and the healing power of the home. 


Your home is one of the top places you will spend out most of your life. It is a place where you not only sleep, shower, eat, and do so many other basic activities, but it is a place that has a profound impact on your health and wellbeing! 

My mission is to help you reconnect to your home and transform it into a space that is better for your health, happiness, and overall energy. Whether this be through Interior Design, Feng Shui, or Home Coaching, I'll be your Holistic Home Helper.

Marissa Lada

Your Holistic Home Helper

I've always been attracted to spaces and how they make us feel. Being very sensitive to my environment early as a child, I understand the levels of impact our homes can have on us.

Working in the Architecture & Interior Design field for over 6 years, and being certified through the IFSG International Feng Shui Guild, I blend in both realms of design and energy work to transform our spaces into places of health and healing through what I call holistic homes.

Let's work together to see how you can enhance your home and enhance your life!

what clients are saying

Marissa is fantastic! I've had 2 holistic home consultations with her and been so pleased every time! Marissa has a lot of knowledge and it was so interesting to learn about myself and my space. Definitely book a session with her! You and your space will get a lot out of it!

deniz e


Let's work together!

Create a Home you Love

If you are looking to unlock your home's potential and see how it can improve and enhance your life for better health, happiness, and energy, then let's chat! 

I love connecting to my clients and getting to know them! Just like you have a relationship with your home, I want to get to know you and your space so I can help you in creating a home you love and that will love you back.

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