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holistic home consultation

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Get clarity around your home's biggest problems

Have you been struggling with your space? Lost on the perfect layout for your odd shaped living room? Confused on choosing the perfect color for your dining room wall paint? Stumpt on styling that perfect vignette for your bookcase?


A Holistic Home Consultation offers solutions to your specific space problems and gives you the clarity and inspiration for you to feel confident and excited in your home projects! You'll gain direction and move forward to create the home of your dreams!

what is included

This consultation is geared to tackle the specific challenges and problems you have having with your current space. 

the details
  • 60 minute Zoom call to discuss the current struggles with your space

  • A deep dive to explore the specific problems and struggles with your space

  • A customized list of solutions for your space

  • 1 write up packet for you to refer to when improving your home

  • 1 follow up call to see how you've been implementing these solutions 

Price: $175

common questions

how does the consultation work?

In the booking link, you can schedule the date/time that works best for your schedule. During our virtual video call, you will be able to share your screen to show your space, pinterest boards, or ask any question and get feedback and guidance on your home struggles. The consultations are geared towards your specific needs, so you can get the most out of your time.

Do I need to prepare?

It's always good to have an idea on what you'd like to discuss with your space. It's suggested you make a list of questions, have links ready to share design/inspiration boards, or whatever you want to accomplish during our call.

how much can i achieve during my call?

People are often surprised how much can fit into an hour long consultation, and walk away feeling inspired, excited, and with so much more clarity than before. Since you're working with a professional, you will get expert advice and save so much more time with your future design projects knowing the steps to take to make your space a success.

how is this different than edesign?

Consultations are geared to solve more specific struggles with your space while design work is a full scale approach on transforming your home. Consultations are often good for people on a design budget or who enjoy the DIY approach to their home. If you are interested in more design work, please reach out and schedule a call to discuss this further.

what about feng shui?

Since this is your consultation, feel free to ask about the energy of your home and Feng Shui. As a part of my holistic home approach, I do take into account the energy of your home. However, if you are looking for a more specific focus on Feng Shui, my Feng Shui consultation is a better fit.


what people are saying...

Marissa offered the perfect balance of education and open-ended questions that allowed me to learn more about home design and reflect on the elements that will be meaningful additions to my home. She fit so much into the hour together and somehow found the time to offer helpful advice and listen to my specific design struggles!

chelsea f

Home Owner

My family had Marissa come to our home for floor and paint color suggestions. She gave us a lot of great advice on choosing material and colors that will work well with our home as we transition to an updated look. Marissa is flexible and listened closely to our preferences before making suggestions. I look forward to having her help organize or declutter or space in the future.

corina g


I finally reached out to Marissa for some help with my space, and wow, wish I would have done so sooner. So impressed with the initial consultation, and how she was able to be so very thorough. Her calming energy quickly helped to put me at ease as we got started with the tour of my apartment. I am excited to start making some changes to my place! If you've felt stuck or just overwhelmed with uncertainty of where to start, I would say don't wait any longer to connect with Marissa!

lori w


Marissa consulted with my housemate and I about our home and living space. Neither of us had any prior experience with professional Interior Design or Feng Shui.  Marissa was a very good guide getting started. I would highly recommend Marissa to anyone looking for a holistic approach to their design needs - your house should be your home!

cj b


Are you Ready?

If you are ready to stop struggling with your space and get the solutions to solve your design problems, book a Holistic Home Consultation. You'll save the future headaches, time, and energy that are keeping you from having the home of your dreams.

Book your call today and gain the clarity and confidence to enhance your home!

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