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step into a home that heals...

Are you looking to live a healthier and happier life? Do you feel drained when you step through your front door rather than restored? Are you simply surviving in your space rather than thriving?

Your home is a reflection of you and your energy. Furthermore, your home influences and impacts your health, happiness, and wellbeing in more ways than one. 

With all the time that you spend in your home, have it be a place that nourishes you. A place you feel inspired, peaceful, and comfortable in. A place you absolutely love to call HOME.

Create a home that improves your health, happiness, and energy in only six weeks! Not only will you learn what it truly means to love your home, but you'll also explore a deeper side of yourself and your relationship with your space.

If you're ready to embark on this transformative journey of space and self, then keep reading or...

what people are saying...

The one on one sessions were invaluable! She shared many resources and tools that I can take with me on this journey and I know I can reach out to her for an honest opinion and guidance anytime.


Chef + Restaurant Owner

Home Owner

Marissa helped to design my new kitchen. The contractor and cabinet designer just weren't getting it. Marissa did. She has an eye for what is esthetically pleasing in every aspect of the kitchen design. She worked with me to choose a countertop and backsplash that complimented each other and gave me joy to look at. I am so happy with my new kitchen! Thank you Marissa. It's a dream come true.

Donna b

Sales Rep


Your holistic home helper

Marissa Lada

My journey in holistic homes started before I even knew it was a thing. Being environmentally sensitive, I grew up with the awareness that our homes were important. Through my own personal story with mental and physical health issues, I saw how my home actually played a part in my healing journey. Now with over 7+ years as a professional Interior and Environmental Designer and certified Feng Shui consultant, I have made it my passion and purpose to help others achieve better health, happiness, and energy through their homes as well.

more than an hgtv makeover

This ain't your typical home design makeover. We go DEEP to reconnect to your home through a holistic approach where you understand what you need in order for you to not just survive in your space, but thrive in it.

the details
  • 6 week container of education, enhancement and empowerment in creating a holistic home 

  • 5 1:1 client calls to dive deep into understanding you and your home

  • 3 educational modules to learn about holistic homes and how to apply it to your life

  • Resources, materials, and workbooks to better understand your relationship with your home

  • 1 customized design packet for 1 room of your holistic home based off feng shui, your discovered design aesthetic, your energy, and the needs/function/intention of the space

  • Professional guidance and help from a Holistic Home expert including Interior Design, Feng Shui, Sustainability, and Lifestyle Habits

  • A deeper connection to your home, a better space, and a better you

the process...


In order to have your home work with your energy, you must first understand yourself. We will dive deep to discover what your soul truly NEEDS and how to reflect that in your space by uncovering your personal design style and functional needs for your home, as well as set some intentions for your space.

feng shui

Know how to enhance and alter the energy of your home through Feng Shui. You will learn how to incorporate the five elements, understand the Bagua map, and discover your own personal qi DNA to create a stronger connection to your space.

design creation

Weaving together our discoveries of your energy, design style, + needs, we come up with various directions to take your space, including multiple space plan layouts and mood boards to unlock the potential that your home has.

design development

We take your design deeper to fine tune selections and styles so you absolutely love your transformed space! Refining layouts and furniture, fixture, and finish choices, you can envision your holistic home. 

Lifestyle + Habits

A holistic home and a holistic life go hand in hand. Get help in gaining the skills you desire for your future home living through a coaching class approach to education and empowerment in the life you want to live in your holistic home.

for a transformation of space and self

If you are excited about the idea to transform your home into one that provides you with peace and joy, that can boost your health, and that can bring in your dreams and desires, then apply today! 

We will schedule a call first to talk about you, your home, and your dreams, and see if this is a good fit for you.

What are you waiting for? You deserve to LOVE your home and LOVE your life! 


Are you Ready?

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