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Hello Holistic Home

learn how to design your home to access better health, greater happiness, and more energy!

If you want to feel less stressed, have more enjoyment, and greater clarity daily, you should be looking to your home for help. That's because your home holds so much POWER in enhancing your life.


 Say goodbye to a home that is bland, boring, and holding you back, and say HELLO to your holistic home - the design approach to unlocking your home's potential to transforming your life!

more than an hgtv makeover

This ain't your typical home design makeover. We go DEEP to reconnect to your home through a holistic approach where you understand exactly how to transform your home into a haven that is healing and what you need in order to THRIVE! 

the details
  • 8 week container of education, exploration, and empowerment in creating YOUR holistic home

  • A customized holistic design packet for your home based off Feng Shui, your personal design aesthetic, your energy, and the needs/function/intention of the space

  • Video modules + educational material in holistic homes, including topics on Feng Shui, Interior Design, and Holistic Home Living 

  • 24/7 access to your own **personal** holistic designer

  • MEGA discounts and savings on design work

  • BONUS - FREE Access into The Hive - A Holistic Community on Creating your Healing Home (a normal $264/year value)

  • BONUS - Over $90 worth of bonus tools, guidebooks, and resources

  • BONUS - additional design support + assistance opportunities 

hello holistic home guide
hello holistic home guide

bonus resources + guidebooks

Handy Guidebooks for your specific design questions + challenges!

hello holistic home feng shui
hello holistic home program energy

educational modules

18+ Lessons to help you create a home like a professional designer!

holistic design layout
holistic design mood board
hello holistic home design board
holistic home design and mood boards

design boards +
space plans

Your Custom Design Packet to help you in shopping for pieces, seeing the vision, and staying on track in your design project!

the holistic home journey...

the step by step process towards creating your dream home


Uncover your unique design DNA and energetic style essence

Get clarity around the first and most important steps when starting your design journey

Discover how your home is impacting and influencing YOU

feng shui

Learn how to apply Feng Shui to your home to enhance your energy

Manifest and activate your home's energy using the bagua map

Get easy and stylish Feng Shui cures customized to your home

design creation

Learn the professional interior design skills to creating a stunning home design

Start to create and see the vision for your home's DREAM design

ENJOY the designer experience and gain confidence in your unique design style

design development

Get the resources + support needed to SUCCEED in executing your design dreams 

Gain the excitement, energy, and motivation to start and finish your home's projects + design goals on your desired timeline AND budget

Lifestyle + Habits

Gain the skills to maintain your holistic home

Develop new holistic home living practices that make the every day home life more fun and fulfilling

what people are saying...

This program has been far more transformative than I thought that it would be. It’s been fun learning about the space that I spend a lot of time in while also learning about myself. She helped me really go inward with the modules.

crystal p

Spiritual Coach

Home Owner

who is this for?

If you are invested in your health + wellbeing and want a home to match!

If you feel the impact your home has on you (whether you've got adhd, stress, or are just sensitive to energies)

If you want to create a home that you LOVE but keep running into roadblocks in your design journey like -

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • lacking confidence in getting it right

  • not knowing where to even begin

If you wish to unlock the magick your home truly has at transforming your life


what people are saying...

I have loved the Hello Holistic Program, and feel like I've learned so much about myself, how to create a space that works for me, and feng shui. I felt really overwhelmed moving into a new home and trying to turn one small bedroom into an office and a gym. Marissa made me feel like it's not only possible but super excited to make it happen!

Sandra k

Art Director

Home Owner


Your holistic home helper

Hi, I'm Marissa!

With over 10+ years of combined education and experience as an Interior + Environmental Designer and a IFSG certified Feng Shui Consultant, it is my passion, purpose, and my privilege to help you achieve the home of your DREAMS! And not just any beautifully designed space - a space that is healing and holistically designed for you to thrive!

I have experienced in both my own life and my clients how a holistic home can transform your day to day experience in your home AND enhance so many other areas of your life! From more focus and greater clarity - to manifesting things like better health, love ,and abundance, you home has so much MAGICK! I'm here to help you unlock it. 


what people are saying...

Marissa is a dream to work with! As a holistic health coach, her holistic approach to home design + decor is so important to me. I love that she can take the practical, aesthetic, and energetic into account to create something perfect for ME.

caitlin j

ND + Health Coach


what we address

Book and Coffee


Enjoy the journey of discovering your unique energetic essence and what that means for your own personal design DNA.

Paint and Brush


Transform your home into your dream space by creating a design you love and that is tailored to your lifestyle needs and budget.



Make powerful shifts in home habits that are holding you back from a peaceful and healing home and build healthy skills to slay your day-to-day.

what people are saying...

Definitely would recommend. Marissa thoughtfully took into account our energetic, functional and aesthetic desires for our space and helped us to make it a reality. She was very flexible coming up with ideas to help my partner and I meet in the middle with some of our disagreements!

johnathan d

MD + Clinic Owner 

Home Owner

what you'll experience

as expressed by my clients

"see the vision"

"This program truly helped me "see" my vision... even when I couldn't yet. I believe that I wouldn't have started the living room at all, and probably wouldn't have had the momentum to reach out to the contractor. So... I feel that it started me out on the entire house project!"

"It feels more intentional"

"If I hadn’t joined the program I would still have a very crowded dysfunctional office. I would still be stuck and unsure of how to move forward with the layout of my upstairs. Because of the program and the switching of locations of my office and bedroom… It feels more intentional and I love it."

"A Full Complete Design"

"If I hadn't joined the program, I would still be jumping around to other rooms of the house. I would never have a full complete design. The program was beneficial for my current stage of life of being a busy working mom."

"Gave me the tools"

"This program gave me the tools to help me look at my space with fresh eyes and apply new concepts I hadn’t heard of before. It helped me do things I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish on my own."

what people are saying...

As an interior designer, the Hello Holistic Home Program has reshaped how I approach creating spaces. By blending timeless design principles with holistic living concepts, the program enhanced my projects and alleviated decision fatigue in my personal home project.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Hello Holistic Home Program to fellow designers seeking a deeper understanding of the connection between design and well-being. Thanks to Marissa for offering a transformative program that enriched my professional practice and brought clarity to decision-making in my home.

alexis w

Interior Designer

Home Owner


what people are saying...

The one on one sessions were invaluable! She shared many resources and tools that I can take with me on this journey and I know I can reach out to her for an honest opinion and guidance anytime.

rebecca c

Chef + Restaurant Owner

Home Owner

Are you Ready?

for a transformation of space and self

Are you excited about the magick your home is just waiting to share with you?! 

We will schedule a call first to talk about you, your home, and your dreams, and see if this is a good fit for you.

What are you waiting for? You deserve to LOVE your home and for it to LOVE you back! 

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