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eclectic bohemian vibes in a historic 1908 apartment

seattle interior design designer home decor style

How does a witch and bohemian soul decorate her 1908 425sf apartment? Using mostly second-use finds, treasured pieces, and elements from travels, a eclectic and curated design reflects the charming details of cherished pieces.

seattle interior design designer home decor decorating

The apartment itself features the Craftsman charm of so many of this historic homes located in Seattle. Original hardwood floors, crown molding details, and tall 10' ceilings all boast to the craftsmanship and detail of the early 1900s. Highlighting the architecture was important in this design, as well as keeping things natural and simplistic. 


Sourcing second-use furniture pieces with similar wood tones and details, allowed for a connection to the architecture while showcasing the originality and uniqueness of each piece. A neutral color scheme of beiges, whites, and rich warm borwns acted as the foundation for the small accents of primary color sprinkled through the decor.


 Tabletops vignettes and walls are filled with personal handmade art, vintage flea market finds, and trinkets from traveling the globe to connect to the personality behind the renter and speak to how your home is a reflection of you.

Photography @ Zack Phillips

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