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a taiwanese Tropical Tea Shop in capitol hill

tea shop design decor

This Taiwanese Tea Shop had a vision of creating a space that was fun, inviting, and instagrammable. The modern yet retro inspired design is on point with both feel and the millennial clientele

Working with a small business and a small budget, the design focused on cost effective materials displayed in unique and striking ways. One example of this is the curved counter and bar that is cladded in common 4x4 subway tile. Raw concrete floors and exposed ductwork keep to the space's original industrial vibe, while the pops of pinks and greens add a fresh and modern touch.

tea shop decor design

Located in a walkable area of the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, this design catches a pedestrians attention from the side walk thanks to its large storefront windows and offers a unique cafe experience amongst the restaurant and bar competition in the area. All this while keeping to a tight budget for this start up small business. 

Photography @ Tina Witherspoon

Completed at Board & Vellum as a part of the Interior Design Team

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