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a calm and cozy airbnb refresh on a budget 

rental home living room interior design bookcase.jpg

This 1999 home was in desperate need of an update. Years of smokers, pets, and hoarding had left this home in poor condition, and the design choices of the day such as the peach colored floor tiles and laminate countertops were not as charming as they once were 20 years ago.

Every inch of this home was transformed, including new red oak hardwood flooring throughout the home to add warmth and consistency into poorly lit spaces. Fresh coats of paint, updated fixtures, and modern materials were all included in the upgrade this home underwent. 

rental home bathroom white interior design.jpg

Working with a tight budget was a main focus for this home refresh, and that meant deliberate design choices were made to help reduce costs. Sourcing furniture and decor from garage sales, facebook marketplace, and working with existing pieces were all ways in which the budget was stretched on this project.

rental home bedroom 2 interior design.jpg

To create a calm yet comforting feel for this home's refreshed look, a green and neutral color palette was chosen for a serene feeling and to reconnect to the surrounding nature in the area. Minimal decor and modern details on furniture help to make the home feel fresh, bright, and airy, while curated antiques and vintage decor bring out the charm, character, and quantness to balance out this design look.

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