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a holistic declutter experience

Create a Mess-Free Home + a Stress-Free Life

Do you feel frustrated every time you walk into your room and see the piles of clutter on the table, or you get overwhelmed and waste so much time trying to find that missing pair of sunglasses. You know you need to tackle your messes and declutter but there is a problem...


When do you find the time?

How do you not feel zapped on energy during the process?

How do you actually let your stuff go?

You need more than just tips and tricks. You need a holistic approach to decluttering and organizing your home and your life.

Because clutter is beyond checklists, it is digging to the root of your clutter blocks and shifting your mindset and relationship towards your stuff so you can let go and live a stress-free, mess-free life.

Ready to say goodbye to your clutter once and for all?

holistic declutter experience

your holistic home helper

holistic home design

marissa lada

Professional Holistic Designer, Certified Feng Shui Consultant, + Home Coach

Growing up, I experienced the extremes of how clutter can cause chaos on your life. Having a history of hoarders in my family, I struggled with staying on top of my messes, finding items when I needed them, and letting go of my stuff. I could see how clutter was negatively impacting my life and I knew something needed to change.

Working through mindset shifts as well as getting real with myself and my stuff, I not only grew the skills in keeping tidy and organized, but I was able to find peace, clarity, and freedom from my things, downsizing my life to 68sf of space, traveling the country in my camper van, and ultimately creating a better life for myself.

Overcoming the challenges that clutter (and declutter) can bring, I created a holistic experience in how you approach clutter and messes so you can not only create a home that is clutter-free, but also find more confidence and clarity in the life you want to live, without the clutter that is keeping you from it.

The course

You wouldn't organize your whole home in a day. So why just skim the web for tips and tricks? This Holistic Decluttering Experience is broken down to help you manage your messes and tackle your clutter without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. It's a holistic approach to helping you create a tidy home!

the details
  • 4 part series on a holistic approach to decluttering + organizing broken down into easy video modules.

  • A Decluttering Workbook to help you follow along and tackle the messes in your home.

  • Activities throughout the modules for accountability and motivation to apply this to your home.

  • Access to the resources and materials for life.

  • Self-paced for flexibility with life's busy schedule.

price: $333

what people are saying...

What started as a simple de-cluttering course to clean out my house, has somehow become a complete de-cluttering of my entire life...She has given me resources that are changing the trajectory of my entire life, and will create a better future for my family. As dramatic as that sounds it is 100% true. Marissa can help you recognize past patterns, and identify the the root of your issues...Now, my overwhelm is one of joy!!!

danielle s

Marketing Specialist

Home Owner

a transformational shift in your relationship with your stuff

clutter + you

Clutter impacts your health and life on all levels: physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and energetically! Learn how your clutter is affecting your life and ways to fix it.


There is a reason it is so hard to let go of objects. Explore the psychological and emotional blocks behind clutter and how to move past these mental traps that hold you back.


Having an organized home only works if there are systems that work for you and your lifestyle. Find out systems of organizing your home that make sense for you and your family.

mindset shifts

If you feel overwhelmed even thinking of clutter, then it's important to explore the mental blocks that keep you from a clean home. Create mindset shifts to help you manage your messes and keep the clutter away.


If you're tired of going back to square one every time you declutter, then you need to get the habits in place to stop clutter from coming back. Learn the lifestyle tips to creating a tidy home.

what people are saying...

This class changed my life! I constantly felt frustrated with the clutter and messes in my home and was so defeated after going through a decluttering, only to have the messes come back. I really appreciate not only the tips and tricks, but realizing MY connection to the clutter in my home. 

libby l.


Home Owner

holistic declutter and organize home

get clarity +
get clutter free

Get clarity around your home's clutter once and for all and learn not only the tips and tricks, but the mindset shifts that will set you up for a successful and stress-free space!

You deserve to have a home you love and that loves you back! Step into a fresh feeling space and get the holistic home help you need to create a tidier home and clutter-free life. 

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