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Consultations for your
Home Needs

Having a holistic home is looking at your space in many different facets, and understanding that homes have a variety of different needs. From assessing the energy, to getting some creative design help, there is a consultation for all your home help needs.

what people are saying...

Marissa is fantastic! I've had 2 holistic home consultations with her and been so pleased every time! Marissa has a lot of knowledge and it was so interesting to learn about myself and my space. Definitely book a session with her! You and your space will get a lot out of it!
Marissa was wonderful to work with. She is very creative and thoughtful in her approach and helped us to see and use our space in a different way that works much better for us. She was great at helping us come to creative solutions that satisfy both of our needs. I would highly recommend Marissa if you want to transform your space in a way that brings both inspiration and peace to your home.
Marissa is so easy to work with. My virtual Feng Shui consultation was in depth and I left with so many tips and tricks! She followed up and made sure I didn't have any other questions. I appreciate her expertise and knowledge of a variety of Feng Shui principles.

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Ever wonder what your home is trying to tell you? Understanding the energy of your home through Feng Shui, you can make major changes in your life and create a harmonious space and a harmonious self.

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Interior Design Objects

Stuck on laying out your living room? Trying to decide the best paint color for your bedroom? Struggling with styling that bookshelf? My holistic home consultations can help solve those small yet frustrating problems you are facing with your space.

Didn't find something that fit? Let's chat! Send me a message below describing what you're looking to do in your home and let's come up with a game plan in creating your healing home! 

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