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Bee Waste Free Challenge

The Challenge

In honor of Plastic Free July, I'm hosting my own zero waste challenge to help those wishing to take the first steps in reducing their waste and lowering their carbon footprint!

Rules to Challenge*

  1. Follow me on Instagram @honeylunehivery and Facebook /honeylunehivery

  2. Do the daily tasks/goals. Each task is ranked on a point basis. Do them all to gain the most points for your chance to win.

  3. When posting to Social Media, use the hashtag #beewastefree in your posts and tagging @honeylunehivery in all stories.

  4. Check the Bee Waste Free Challenge Calendar each week, as these are updated weekly.


One lucky eco warrior will win a basket full of sustainable goodies. I've partnered with local Washington businesses who also support the zero-waste mission. Here are the prizes:

  1. Patchouli Lavender Organic Lotion Bar from Wild Elixirs Shop

  2. 5 Natural Loofahs from DetoxEarth

  3. A stash of zero-waste kitchen products (tea infuser, metal straw, and reusable produce bag) from Honey Lune Hivery

* This challenge starts on July 5th, 2020. 

Honey Lune Hivery Week 1 Bee Waste Free Challenge
Honey Lune Hivery Week 2 Bee Waste Free Challenge
Honey Lune Hivery Week 3 Bee Waste Free Challenge
Week 4
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