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a historical coastal home remodel

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Inspired by the Cape Cod cottages of New England, this 1940s Pacific Northwest home blends both shores. From a full on transformation, this house remodel and renovation knocked down walls, repurposed cabinetry, and rejuvenated this once closed off and cramped classic home. 

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The original layout of the 4 bedroom, 3 bath home featured closed off rooms and poor lighting thanks to the small windows. . Adjoining walls were removed and new larger windows were added that maximize a spacious and brighter home. A small Taking advantage of the stunning sea views, the kitchen bridges the connection between home and sea with its window walls.


Considering the age of the home, traditional details such as trim and cabinetry were kept to blend into the existing architecture. Salvaged casework such as the curio cabinet provided the homeowners with a story, and personal details such as the laundry door decal added additional character to the space.

seattle interior designer.jpg

Keeping in style with the home's historic architecture, a classic and timeless design features transitional furniture, classic materials, and a neutral color palette with the coastal blue accents. Details like the calcutta marble tile on the fireplace and showers elevate this home from coastal cottage to Cape Cod summer home. And it isn't a coastal home without a bit of shiplap siding. Adding the white wood paneling to key walls helps to add dimension and texture to these otherwise bland walls, showing that extra level of intention and thought that pulls the look together. 

Photography @ Tina Witherspoon

Completed at Board & Vellum as a part of the Interior Design Team

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