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An apartment clubhouse for the modern adventurer

holistic home design decor

A home is more than a place you eat, sleep, and's a place where you live your life. This Apartment Complex realized this and wished to attract more nature loving explorers to call their complex home. Thanks to their location in Kirkland, Washington, a neighboring city of Seattle, the apartments are nearby the variety of hiking trails, bike paths, and other outdoor activities. 

Connecting to the lifestyle of the surrounding area, a modern outdoorsy concept was created to connect to the biggest PNW pastime of enjoying nature. 

holistic home design designer

The apartment complex's clubhouse was the amenity that offered renters a place to enjoy working from home, hanging out with friends, or socializing with neighbors. A new vaulted ceiling created a grand feeling to mimic the spaciousness of the great outdoors, while natural materials like wood grained LVT flooring, walnut casework, and rich leather upholstery connect to this concept in subtle ways.

A natural color palette with accents of green furthers this outdoor adventure concept, while classic patterns and textiles relate to the 'adventure scout' image of nostalgic camping. 

holistic home interior designer

One of the highlights to this design is the custom library wall that creates a focal point and feature for when you first walk into the clubhouse. This wall not only functions as a design statement, but tenants can also enjoy reading from the shelves. Each room of this clubhouse serves a different function and has a design that will captivate you and your sense of adventure. 

Photography @ Tina Witherspoon

Completed at Board & Vellum as a part of the Interior Design Team

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