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4 Ways to Feng Shui and Design your Child's Room

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

I love designing children's rooms! Perhaps it's because I never grew up (I still love kid's books and Pixar movies), but also, these rooms are just plain FUN to design. As adults, we're often afraid of color, whimsy, and let's be real....magick. A child's room is a canvas of possibilities.

Aside from the creativity we can have designing and decorating a child's room, these spaces play a big role for a young one's growth and development. We've probably all heard that a child's mind is like a sponge, well so is their energy.

A child's room needs to be many things. It needs to be engaging for learning, secure and comfortable for nurturing, and creative for play. How does one include all these aspects into their kid’s space? Let an Interior Designer and Feng Shui Consultant help you out!


Have the Bed in a Corner

While Feng Shui consultants talk all the time about centering a bed, for a child, it's actually better to have it in a corner. Keeping a bed tucked in the corner creates a safe and secure energy for a child. Plus, it creates more floor space for play!

Design Tip | Canvas nets are all the design rage right now, but they also act as a container for energy for the bed while a child sleeps.

Be sure there's a Table of their Own

Every kid's room need a small table. This creates a space where a child can sit, read, do arts and crafts, or have tea parties with imaginary friends. It holds so many options. A table also encourages proper table manners.

Incorporate a Parent’s Childhood Toys or Furniture

Have an old stuffed animal you’ve held on to since you were a kid? Give it to your child.  This brings in the act of storytelling, which is important for teaching a child grammar and syntax. It also encourages bonding through the stories and memories we carry with our objects.

Get Horizontal Bookcases and Furniture

While a vertical bookcase will take up less floor space, it can have negative impacts on a child. If a book or toy is too high up and out of a child's reach, they will think it's forbidden. Keeping items and a kid's level makes it easily accessible for a child to learn, play, and develop.

For more help on designing your child's bedroom, be sure to reach out with Honey Lune Hivery to create a space that supports your child's health and happiness.

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