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Embrace the Cozy: Holistic Design Tips for Winter Nesting

Winter's knocking on the door, and you know what that means – it's nesting season! Time to transform your space into a warm and inviting haven for your wellbeing this winter. But hey, I'm not just talking about fluffing pillows and lighting candles. We're diving into the realm of holistic design, where every element nurtures your body, mind, and spirit. So keep reading to discover the secrets to creating a cozy sanctuary this winter season!


Layering in the Cozy Comfort

Layering for winter isn't just about sweaters and clothing. It's for your home as well! Opt for textiles that feel like a snuggle – think chunky knit throws, soft faux fur pillows, and plush area rugs that cushion every step. These layers of coziness don't just look inviting; they create an ambiance that's perfect for sinking into on those chilly winter nights.

A leather sectional in a transitional designed living room
Make sure your soft seating gets extra lush with pillows and blankets

Create a Lush Forest with House Plants

Winter may make all the green go away outside, which is why adding some house plants to your design is the perfect addition to your space this winter. Indoor plants not only purify the air but also infuse your space with life-giving qi according to Feng Shui. Embrace resilient varieties like succulents or snake plants that thrive in low light. These natural companions create a connection to the outdoors, even when it's frosty beyond your windows.

Activate the Fire Element of Feng Shui

With winter being the season that is connected to so much yin qi, it's important to balance this excess energy with warming elements. Adding the fire elment of Feng Shui is a good way to bring more energy, comfort, and warmth into your home for winter. Add accent lights for a cozy evening glow or embrace decor colors like red, orange, or yellow for some active yang energy.

Get Spicy with your Scents

Aromatherapy is the secret sauce of holistic design. Your sense of smell is strongly linked to memory and emotions, so fill your home with comforting scents like cinnamon and vanilla to invite more of this energy in. Try it out with an essential oil diffuser or a scented candle. Be sure your candle is soy or coconut wax based to make sure it's healthy for the plant as well!

Leather booth seats in an industrial designed space
Cozy booth seating is the perfect space to snuggle up in

Set up Holistic Spaces for Reflection

Winter is a time of introspection, and your space can be your cocoon for quiet moments. Craft mindful nooks – a corner with a comfortable chair, a small altar with crystals and affirmations, or a reading spot bathed in soft light. These spaces invite you to reflect, meditate, or simply savor a moment of solitude.

The harsh winters can becomes haven of holistic warmth for your home. By implimenting these holistic design tips, you're nurturing your body, mind, and spirit. It's more than design; it's a healthy and intentional approach to supporting yourself and your energy through the winter season. So, let your home be your sanctuary, your cocoon, and your retreat as you nestle into the joys of winter.

Your Holistic Home Helper,



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