How Plants Improve our Health

Updated: Jun 15

Being EcoSpiritual, I turn to nature for the solution to many of my problems.

I have found that a plant-based diet has improved my overall health tremendously. I “beautify” by using natural ingredients found in nature to create my own body scrubs and face masks, and long walks in nature have always left me feeling at ease and rejuvenated. I have even related nature to my passion for Interior Design, decorating with natural materials and products. One of the ways I achieve this, is by adding plants to a space.

The use of plants in a space is so beneficial to our health, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Below are the ways having a plant can improve your health.

Improve Air Quality 

The oxygen produced by plants filters the mold spores, airborne microbes, and bacteria in the air. There are even some plants that can also absorb contaminants like benzene and formaldehyde. NASA did a study that focused on these and other common pollutants in our homes, and the affect plants had in reducing these chemicals. A few plants that help remove these chemicals are the Peace Lily, Spider Plant, English Ivy, Boston Fern, Chinese Evergreen, Snake Plant, and Bamboo Palm.

Eases Stress/Anxiety

 Studies have shown that the relaxing affect some plants have, can reduce our stress and anxieties. Plants associated with lowering stress were Jasmine, Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, Lavender, Gardenia, Spider Plant and Valerian. Lower stress levels lead to better sleep, so placing these in your bedroom is a great idea.

Reduce EMFs

Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) surround any sort of electronic device. These frequencies are detrimental to our health, and can cause numerous health issues such as short term memory, insomnia, headaches, even cancer. The Institut Des Researches en Geobiologie at Chadonne in Switzerland carried out a two-year study of the affects plants had next to computer terminals in offices on New York’s Wall Street.

The results were that some plants reduced these cases of EMF caused headaches and tiredness among employees. The plants that showed most effective were Cereus Peruvianuf, the Spider Plant, and Peace Lily. Place these plants at electronic hubs in your home, such as your office or desk.

Raises our Vibrations

In the Chinese Art of Feng Shui, plants radiate their own chi, or life energy, which has a positive influence on our own chi, making it easier to gain, or maintain, good health. Having them throughout your home raises the vibrations and allows the energy to flow smoothly. Plants are also associated with the heart chakra, and can emit a gentle, loving energy within your home.

Having a plant not only brings us health benefits, but it symbolizes the connectiveness of the planet. We as humans exhale carbon dioxide, which plants take in, giving off the oxygen we then inhale. It is a cycle, and having a plant reminds us of that, bringing us more awareness, and helping achieve that EcoSpiritual life. So pick up a plant (or twelve) at your gardening center and witness all the wonders mother nature can do!

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