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Ways Composting Can Improve Your Life - The Benefits of Sustainable Living

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

For anyone who is looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle, there are an endless amount of choices to get started with. One of the easiest and most impactful swaps I tell clients is to start composting.

Composting has been gaining popularity in recent years with cities like Portland and Seattle integrating composting into their waste management. I myself have been composting since childhood, as my parents were BIG into the benefits behind composting their food waste for their prolific and envious garden.

But what makes composting so amazing? Beyond being a sustainable practice there are some added benefits behind this eco swap. Read on to find out what makes composting so amazing!


Less Waste

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a whopping quarter of all landfill waste could actually be composted. That's a significant chunk of our trash that could be returned to the earth for a second life. Plus, composting at home means fewer trips to the curb with your regular garbage. It's not waste; it's a valuable resource that's biodegradable and perfect for agriculture.

Less Pesky Fruit Flies

Fruit flies, the bane of kitchens everywhere. Since I started composting (over 8 years ago now), I've noticed a significant decrease in these bothersome insects. My theory is that the airtight compost bin keeps them out and prevent them from breeding in the trash can. Plus I find myself emptying my countertop compost bin a lot more often than my trash can, giving these gnats less time to reproduce and breed. Having a compost bin saves me a lot of frustration and DIY fruit fly traps.

Indoor Countertop Compost Bin
Containing your food waste helps reduce fruit flies

No Funky Odors or Smells

Those trash bags with "anti-odor guards" can only do so much when you've got week-old broccoli or moldy onions stinking up your bin. Even walking past the trash with the lid closed, I would always get a whiff of some stanky smelling trash. With an airtight compost canister, those unpleasant kitchen odors have significantly diminished. Many kitchen compost bins even come with charcoal filters that further contain the smell of decomposing food.

Have an Amazing Garden

Growing up with semi-hippie parents, my family had not one, but THREE massive compost bins outside. In the summer, we used the nutrient-rich compost to fertilize our garden. The end result was soft, dark soil that worked wonders for our vegetables. Compost-fueled gardens yield organic, nutrient-dense veggies that are healthier and more budget-friendly than store-bought produce. Plus, you'll save money on chemicals and fertilizers, which aren't great for your garden, your produce, your health, or the environment.

Outdoor compost pile for the garden
It's good to have both an indoor AND outdoor compost

It Helps You be More Environmentally Aware

Composting mirrors the cycle of nature: food waste degrades into soil, which nourishes new crops, and the cycle repeats. It's a beautiful demonstration that everything in our world has a place and purpose. In nature, there's no waste; everything is interconnected. Composting is a simple way to bring this mindful perspective into your life and for you to reconnect to the natural cycles of the earth. Plus you also become more aware in just how much food you are throwing away, which might even get you into thinking up ways to reuse your food scraps.

Oftentimes when we do something that is better for the planet, we are doing so many other beneficial things. Composting is a method that proves living more sustainably has its other perks. Whichever reason excites you about trying out composting, you'll be glad you made the switch.

Your Holistic Home Helper,



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