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Eco Beauty Swaps

Did you know that the average person uses twelve personal care products a day? That equals roughly 156 chemicals that go into your skin and wash off into oceans, lakes, and rivers. Choose healthier beauty products for you and the planet.



Aluminum, paraben, plastic, and cruelty free deodorant that is better for you and the planet.


A sunscreen that is reef safe, it's a better choice for your skin and the oceans!

Lip Balm

A lip and eye balm that is two-for-one and a better option for living more sustainably.

reusable cotton pads

Reusable Cotton Pads

Stop throwing away your makeup pads and get a pack of reusable and organic ones.

eco menstrual period cup

Menstrual Cup

Save 10,000 tampons in your lifetime by switching to an eco-friendly, leak free menstrual cup.

facial toner eco zerowaste

Facial Toner

A toner mist that is plastic free and all natural to make you glow on the inside and out.



A sustainable beauty practice, guashaing your face can help tone skin and prevent wrinkles.

Face Cleansing Soap

A soap bar gentle enough for your face, it's a sustainable solution for your skin care routine.

Face Cream

Keep your skin hydrated with this zero waste facial cream safe enough for all skin types.

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