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create an eco conscious home

What do you have in your home?

As someone who helps people create holistic homes, I don't just stop at furniture selections and eco flooring. The items we have in our homes are equally as important to living a more holistic home life.

I've partnered with fellow companies who support this sustainable mission to offer you your ultimate guide to the products to bring more eco-awareness in your life. 

From kitchenware to beauty products, you'll be all set for a fully holistic (and healthy) home!

Eco in Every Room

From the bathroom to the laundry room, find sustainable, eco-friendly products for every room in your holistic home.

Zero Waste Bathroom


Don't flush sustainability down the drain. Switch to these eco-friendly items instead.

Image by Laura Mitulla


Create less waste in your kitchen and save some money in the process from these eco-friendly swaps.


A sustainable home is a fresh idea. Find out what to bring into your laundry room that makes it more 'green'.

Image by Annie Spratt


For those personal everyday items, choose these sustainable product swaps and be more green on the go.

Tote Bag
Natural Cosmetics


You put an average of 150 chemicals a day on your skin. Choose healthier products for you and the earth.

Soap and Lather


Ditch the traditional cleaning products that are full of toxins. Choose some healthier options instead.


What's in your pantry and fridge is just as important in creating a sustainable home.

Healthy breakfast


Are you a brand that wants to partner with Honey Lune Hivery and support sustainable living? Reach out!

Image by Edward Howell
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