EcoSpiritual Living

I talk a lot about something I call EcoSpiritual Living. What exactly does that mean? Being attuned to the earth, I see humans as part of Mother Nature. We need her and her resources to survive. Nature offers us more that physical benefits. There are many mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits to Mother Earth as well.

For many of us, we have disconnected ourselves from the wisdom and benefits that our earth provides. That is where my mission of EcoSpiritual Living comes in. Through this holistic approach, I focus on reconnecting people to nature to create harmony and balance in their lives.

Honey Lune Hivery-Interior Design-Mariss

Create an EcoSpiritual Life

What do you have in your home?

As someone who helps people create holistic homes, I don't just stop at furniture selections and eco flooring. The items we have in our homes are equally as important to living a more EcoSpiritual life.

I've partnered with fellow companies who support this sustainable mission to offer you your ultimate guide to the products to bring more eco-awareness in your life. 

From kitchenware to beauty products, you'll be all set for a fully holistic (and healthy) home!

Stasher Bags are reusable, toxic-free silicone bags that are an alternative food storage option to plastic baggies. They are dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and oven safe!

Essentia is the world's only natural memory foam mattress. Today's mattresses are full of chemicals we breath in. Since we spend over 1/3 of our lives asleep, it's essential to have a healthy (and comfy) night's rest.

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Colony Co. has you set for all your sustainable grocery shopping needs. Their natural bags are great for produce and bulk buying. They even have the weights written on the bags, making checkout a breeze!

Love Goodly is a skin & beauty company that is eco-friendly, vegan, and non-toxic. You can purchase these products individually or sign up for their monthly box sets. 

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Filter Water provides clean drinking water for your home. With our city water containing chemicals such as fluoride, Filter Water offers healthy and pure hydration.

ECOlunchbox provides plastic-free container options for meals on the go. From Bento boxes to stainless steel straws, it covers all your sustainable eating needs.

Earthlove is a company that delivers monthly boxes of eco goodies to your door. From sustainable swaps to food and makeup, it's a fun way to save the planet!

EcoRoots is an online store that sells sustainable, eco conscious products from kitchenware to beauty. They offer cruelty-free items, and support local small businesses. 

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PelaCase offers sustainable phone case options. Made from things like used plastic and hemp, they even have a recycle program when it's time for an upgrade.

GreenUP is focused on helping people shift into a more sustainable life. With their crafted box system, you get six gift boxes that focus on six major areas of your life to make eco improvements.

Eartheasy is your one stop shop for eco gardening. From organic seeds to garden beds and supplies, this family owned company is focused on sustainable living for both home and garden.

Did you know that only 6% of a plastic bottle gets recycled? What a waste! Klean Kanteen is the original stainless steel water bottle company and offers a ton of great reusable drinking options.