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Eco Bathroom Swaps

Your bathroom holds a lot of products....most of these being plastic. Whether this be your dental care, washing, or daily skin care routine, choose eco-friendly and zero waste options instead. 

eco bamboo toothbrush bathroom


Ditch the plastic toothbrush and swap for a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush instead.

Toothpaste Pills

Never struggle squeezing the last of the toothpaste tube again. Toothpaste pills are zerowaste.


Dental Floss

Smile brighter knowing you're making eco choices for your oral hygiene routine.


Shave off some serious money savings by switching to a reusable razor.


A great travel option, shampoo bars are zero waste and keep your hair looking lush.

soap eco friendly bathroom zerowaste


Soap bars offer less waste than the liquid alternative and are a easy swap for your eco bathroom.

zero waste eco friendly cotton swabs

Cotton Swabs

Did you know most cotton swabs contain plastic? Choose the biodegradable option instead.

eco friendly toilet paper zerowaste

Toilet Paper

Bamboo toilet paper is a great eco option. Made from a fast renewable resource, it's better for your bum!

loofah bath eco friendly

Bath Sponge

Your plastic loofah has gotta go. A natural sea sponge looks good and is good for the planet.

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