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Eco Eating

What you have in your pantry and fridge is just as important for a healthy and sustainable home and life. That's because you are what you eat. Find good for you foods that are good for the planet as well.


Moku Mushroom Jerky

Want beef jerky that is better for the planet? Moku Jerky is made of mushrooms and is oh so tasty!
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Tusol Smoothie Mix

Start your day with these delicious plant-based smoothie packets. Each one contains superfoods to support your healthy lifestyle. Try all five flavors backed by a 3 Michelin Star Chef. Use code MARISSA25 for 25% off.

teami blends multivitamin.png

Teami Blends

Getting supplements in doesn't have to be boring. Teamiblends has a variety of plant-based and herbal options to support your healthy lifestyle. Use code HONEYLUNEHIVERY for 20% off.

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